Carnaval 2022 in Rio: member of RJ’s scientific committee asks for suspension of samba school parades

The member of the scientific committee, Roberto Medronho informed that will ask for the suspension of the entire Carnival in the state. According to the infectologist, Rio has not yet reached the peak of omicron contamination and the crowding of the party could worsen the situation of the epidemic. Recently, Mayor Eduardo Paes had ordered the suspension of the Carnival blocks, but kept the dances and parades of the samba schools closed.

In an interview with GloboNews, Roberto defends the postponement of festivities. “We will have a meeting today. I will defend exactly what I am saying publicly: we have to suspend all carnival celebrations and we can postpone the carnival to the middle of the year so that we can have a better situation. At least postpone the carnival”, he said.

Also according to the doctor, the worst moment of omicron has not yet arrived and, with Carnival, the situation of the population could worsen.

“There should be neither Marquês de Sapucaí nor dances in clubs, even if they have control (of vaccination and testing passports). I think we should have an ethical debate: what cost do we want? Of course, why not have the carnival our mental health and the economy are losing. Are we willing to pay with lives to have a moment of relaxation and improve the economy?”, asked Roberto, who continued:

“I can assure you, the worst moment (of the omicron) has not yet arrived. We will still experience a very large impact on our health units. We will have a lot of suffering in the coming weeks,” he said.

Street blocks try to find a way for Carnival

With Eduardo Paes’ decision to cancel the street Carnival, some blocks thought of alternatives to celebrate the date.

With that, the blocks study ask the city hall other type of authorization: one that allows them organize events in cultural tarpaulins and arenas. In this way, there would be the possibility of limiting the public and even demanding the revelers’ vaccine passport. The information is from the “G1” portal.

The traditional Cordão do Bola Preta, for example, said, exclusively to Purepeople, that the block plans to hold the event at Parque de Madureira, in the North Zone of Rio.

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