Carnaval 2022 in Rio: Find out how Cordão do Bola Preta will revel after banning blocks on the street

THE Carnival 2022 in Rio de Janeiro was canceled on city streets. Despite this, the party at Marquês de Sapucaí remains firm and strong, as Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD) assured at the meeting held on January 4th. Therefore, the blocks, now “orphans” of revelers, began to hope to be able to “fix” the ban. THE Black Ball Cord, for example, already plans and studies the possibilities.

The idea of ​​the processions, it is worth noting, is not to circumvent the system, but to find viable solutions so that the party does not stop happening. Pedro Ernesto Marinho, president of Bola Preta, talked to the team at PurePeople on the subject and assessed that the Madureira Park it would be a good alternative place for revelry.

“We prefer to be in the neighborhood of Madureira – the ‘capital of samba’ and of great carnivals in its history”, explains Marinho, adding that the organizers of Bola Preta are also thinking of a party at headquarters. “The possibility is real. The schedule from February until the end of Carnival is in the planning stage, but it is certain”, he guarantees.

Regarding concerns about the rise in Covid’s numbers, he ponders: “what we will do this time is respect the entire protocol in force, we will not give up the health security of those who want to be with us at the events”, he says. “The cancellation will be executed if determined by the public authorities”, he adds.

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