Carmen Villalobos: the incredible birthday party she organized for her husband, Sebastián Caicedo

In a big way. The actress Carmen villalobos is highly recognized for having participated in important Colombian soap operas and series that have managed to be considered the most successful in different countries. The artist who lives in the United States with her husband, Sebastián Caicedo, decided to organize his life partner his birthday party but in an incredible way.

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It is important to remember that the actress Carmen Villalobos Not only has he been seen in “Without breasts there is no paradise”, well, he has also participated in soap operas such as “Amor a la plancha”; “Dora, the warden”; “Storm”; “Decisions”; “My heart insists on Lola Volcán”; “Woman-fragranced coffee”; among other.

Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo live together in Miami.

Currently, she lives in Miami (United States) with her husband Sebastian Caicedo who on November 14 celebrated his 40 years of life, accompanied by his friends and family, in a party that remained to be remembered.

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The event did not lack the lights, the drink, the dance, food, among other elements that made the happiest man in the world to Sebastian Caicedo.


As a way to show love for her husband, the actress Carmen villalobos He prepared a surprise which consisted of organizing a great birthday party for the 40 years of Sebastian Caicedo.

The event where there was a lot of music, joy and dance was the most commented on by all attendees, among which some characters from the world of acting stand out such as Gregorio Pernía and his wife, Erika Rodríguez; as well as Michelle and Jimmy Lewin, among others.

They could not miss the family of the couple and their friends to celebrate Caicedo’s birthday in a big way, who is seen in some videos uploaded on social networks very happy and demonstrating some dance steps.

“Happy Birthday my love. May you continue to fulfill them very, very happy! Thank you all for coming! They are loved“The actress posted on her Instagram social network.

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While Sebastián Caicedo himself was very happy and danced to the rhythm of the music on the seats of the premises.


So that everything is a surprise, Carmen villalobos decided to invite Sebastian Caicedo to a canteen in Miami, in order to toast his birthday; However, everything had been planned so that a great atmosphere of celebration was prepared in that place.

For the occasion, Villalobos organized a whole assembly with his name to which was added several sparklers and spotlights with lights of a red tone. The guests carried the letters of the birthday boy’s name.


The married couple Carmen villalobos and Sebastian Caicedo They met in 2007 in the telenovela “No one is eternal in the world”, produced by Caracol TV. The actors shared roles for the first time and were not indifferent, according to Villalobos.

“Each person, on his own, seemed a very handsome guy to me, I seemed very handsome to him and everything, but nothing. Say it all came later“Said the actress in an interview with” Más de ti “. However, love did not begin to be born there, but it was still further on.

Villalobos later did “Without breasts, there is no paradise”And, at the end, in 2008, is when he met Caicedo again and love was inevitable. Later, the beloved couple came to star in the telenovela “Rich children, poor parents” in 2009, sharing a new stage as boyfriends and colleagues at the same time.

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