Carmen Salinas: what will happen to the actress if she regains consciousness

What will happen with Carmen Salinas placeholder image? The 82-year-old Mexican actress suffered a brain hemorrhage on Wednesday, November 10, which has since left her in a coma. The family and followers of the renowned interpreter have joined in chains of prayers and masses for her prompt improvement. However, the doctors of Mexico have given their prognosis of what will happen with the remembered Doña Filogonia from “María Mercedes”.

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Salinas is one of the most recognized figures of the mexican television and that has also had a popularity in the Spanish-speaking world. His career is characterized by his great work on an extensive list of TV soaps, as well as in the who.

For this reason, his current state of health has left millions of followers of the celebrity. His relatives are the ones who have been in charge of telling the press about his hospital condition, with the faith that the Carmen Salinas placeholder image recover in the short term.

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“I see her very well, her face is calm. Those who know her well know that her complexion is beautiful and so it is. It looks like she just removed her makeup and went to bed “, manifested Gustavo Briones, Salinas’s nephew, before different media in his country. Despite the optimism, many have wondered what will happen next if the artist leaves the coma.

The soap opera actress fights for her life in a hospital in Mexico City’s Colonia Roma. (Photo: Carmen Salinas / Instagram)


In the event that he comes out of the coma, Carmen Salinas placeholder image must perform an intense rehabilitation that will leave her out of the television projects in which he was working, such as “My fortune is to love you” and “Ana”.

This was reported by the salinas family in a post on Instagram, where they indicated that this is the forecast of the doctors who come treating the actress, in the possible case that the artist regains consciousness.

“We inform that by instructions of the doctors, Mrs. Carmen Salinas, in the event that she regains consciousness, would have to undergo a rehabilitation that would not allow her to have a short-term work activity”the statement read.


Carmen Salinas placeholder image He went into a coma when he belonged to the cast of actors in the soap opera “My fortune is to love you”. Faced with this situation, one of the questions that began to gain more force was: who will be the replacement for Carmen Salinas? For this question there is already an answer.

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The producer Nicandro Díaz reported through an official document that the character of Margarita Dominguez Negrete, also known as “Magicians”Will be played by the actress Red mary.

The production of Mi Fortuna es Amarte reported today that the first actress María Rojo will temporarily replace Doña Carmen Salinas, to give continuity to the character of Margarita Domínguez, Magos, this all time that the production is on the air and that it is required to continue advancing in its recordings “, it reads in the release.

Another point that can be read in the document is where he says “that the entire production of “My fortune is loving you” awaits the speedy recovery of Mrs. Carmen Salinas and is keeping an eye on her evolution and close to the actress’s family”.


Born in Torreón (Coahuila), on October 5, 1933, Carmen Salinas Lozano is a Mexican actress who has also dedicated herself to politics and business despite only having finished elementary school.

Throughout her life, Salinas has done film and theater, although in recent decades she is mainly known for her work on television. He has participated in soap operas such as “Maria from the neighborhood”,“ María Mercedes ”, among many other productions.

Likewise, his time in fictional films such as “Beauties of the night”, Where she played the ‘Corcholata’, a character with whom she has always been related. As for the boards, he produced for more than 15 years “Adventuress”.

In 2015, Salinas was elected federal deputy by the PRI, with representation in Mexico City.


Carmen Salinas placeholder image She has never spoken openly about the time of her death as this issue is very sensitive for her. However, he has said what his last will is.

According to Jorge Nieto, journalist and close friend of the Mexican actress, Carmen Salinas’ last wish is for her remains to rest next to those of his son Pedro Plascencia.

“She never spoke of her last will, she did not speak of death. She has always wanted to rest next to her son Pedro Plascencia in the Spanish Pantheon “, said Jorge Nieto in an interview with Azucena Uresti.

Carmen Salinas is in a coma: the 10 famous telenovelas of the Mexican actress
What happened to Carmen Salinas? The 82-year-old Mexican actress is one of the most important in her country, with a career that exceeds six decades, both in film and television. The artist is now in a delicate state of health. According to the first reports, communicated by his relatives, he would be in a coma and on an artificial respirator.

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