Carmen Salinas: the behavior that nobody forgives Arath de la Torre

The last months of 2021 have not been the best for the actors’ union in Mexico. And it is that after the deaths of Octavio Ocaña and Enrique Rocha, unfortunate news continued to hit this industry: Carmen Salinas placeholder image She was admitted to the emergency room after suffering a stroke, the second week of November. Within the framework of this situation, the followers of ‘Carmelita’ have recalled the uncomfortable moment that the host of the program “Hoy” put them through, Arath de la Torre, when the veteran artist went to promote “My fortune is loving you”, her latest production.

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Faced with this controversy, the viewers of the Televisa morning have remembered this moment and have asked for the departure of the Mexican actor, as they consider that he disrespected the former producer of ‘Aventurera’, when he appeared on the forum of the famous program.

Let us remember that last Thursday, November 11, 82-year-old Carmen Salinas went into a coma after suffering a stroke, requiring an artificial respirator, according to her nephew Gustavo Briones.

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“Last night he came from work, had dinner, watched his soap opera and went to bathe. When it took longer than it should, the employees who assist her realized that my aunt was on the ground fainted and they notified the family “her relative said in an interview.


It all happened when on the last November 6, 2021, Carmen Salinas placeholder image attended the aforementioned morning program on Televisa, which has as hosts Andrea Legarreta and Arath de la Torre. The interview flowed from the best, until the host made a comment about the list of participants that made up the production that the veteran actress promoted.

De la Torre tried to make the moment pleasant, but perhaps unintentionally he mocked Salinas, whom he asked about the images of her that are used to make memes.

“Oh yeah you did your homework, now tell us about your memes. Well, now tell us a bit about your character “said the host of the Televisa program to Carmen Salinas.

Carmen Salinas plays ‘Doña Magos’ in the Mexican telenovela “My fortune is loving you” (Photo: Televisa)

But, the thing did not stop there, because in another moment of the interview Arath de la Torre He snubbed Carmen Salinas again and this time the joke got out of hand, to the point that social networks noticed this uncomfortable moment.

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Thus it was that the presenter interrupted the producer when he asked that they not forget the premiere date of the telenovela “My fortune is loving you”: “We were already forgetting”said de la Torre.


As is customary in recent times, any fact that viewers like or not is expressed on social networks. Thus, after what happened with Carmen Salinas, the netizens exploded and asked Televisa to punish Arath de la Torre and even requested that he be removed from the program.

“Wasn’t Arath de la Torre censored for his lousy commercial joke? I find it disrespectful and vulgar. Take it out ”; “Always rude, conceited”; “Does anyone else still think that Arath Dela Torre doesn’t fit into the TODAY program? It comes out with every simplada out of tune !! “; “Since they take it out for rude”; “Arath de la torre always wanting to be funny, hopefully next year he won’t be in the program !!! Always cheeky “, could be read between the comments.

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