Carmen Salinas: how is the house where she spent her last days of life

After several days of emergency hospitalization, in December 2021 Carmen Salinas would dieone of the most important and beloved figures of Mexican television, who left a void difficult to fill and a lot of pain among his fellow artists.

The memory of the actress has caused a series about her life to be proposed and evaluated to be carried out, opening a debate about who should be in charge of play the legendary artist.

A few months after the departure of the remembered “Carmelite”, several secrets and details of his last days have been revealed, such as the reaction of his companions of “my fortune is to love you” or the place where he spent his last days.

Mass of Carmen Salinas in the Spanish Pantheon (Photo: Carmen Salinas/Insatgram)


Recently, Maria Eugenia Plasenciadaughter of Carmen Salinas, opened the doors of what was the actress’s home for more than 50 years, revealing that everything remains just as the theater and television legend left it.

The house, located in the Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood in the CDMXwas visited by the journalist Magaly Ayala from “Red Hot” of Telemundo.

It’s just as my mom left it, I already have to come here, but right now it’s been a bit difficult for me because I feel like my mom is going to come in and say ‘hey, what are you doing here in my room, in my house?‘” Plasencia said.

In the Salinas house there are several works of art on the walls, simple but well-preserved furniture and an intact collection of crockery.

in the room of the actress of the ‘Cine of Files’ It is where her presence is most felt, says María Eugenia, commenting that her daughter sometimes listens to her grandmother, but they are not afraid, since they consider that she cares for them.

My mom is here. Yes, I do feel it. Even my daughter, the youngest, she says that she heard my mother’s footsteps inside the room“, revealed.

Next to the bed, the family has chosen to keep even the bag that the actress had when she returned home from her last recording as “Doña Magos” in “Mi fortuna es amarte”, one day before falling into a coma.

The daughter of the missing actress concluded by indicating that if I had her in front of me, I would tell her “that I need her very much, I miss her and that she gives me a lot of strength to move forward.”

As recalled, the veteran actress was cremated and her ashes deposited in a family pantheon along with the remains of her son Pedro Plascencia, according to her last will.

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