Carmen Salinas’ granddaughter says actress will not return home to continue her recovery after stroke

Carmen Salinas placeholder image She has remained in a natural coma since she was hospitalized in a hospital in Mexico City, after she suffered a stroke on November 11. Carmen Plascencia, granddaughter of the renowned actress, provided new details about what will happen to her grandmother in the coming days.

The young woman indicated that, so far, the actress is not in a position to return home to continue her recovery because she continues in a coma and remains with the help of an artificial respirator.

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“She has to be hospitalized because she is working on a respirator”, Plascencia told the press.

On the other hand, Gustavo Briones, Carmen Salinas’ nephew and assistant, said that the actress maintains a “beautiful complexion”, as if she had just removed her makeup to lie down to sleep all night.

“I see her very well, her face is calm. Those who know her well know that her complexion is beautiful and so it is. It seems as if she just removed her makeup and went to bed ”, Briones commented to the press.

Finally, both relatives took a few minutes to thank all the people who have been concerned about the health of Carmen Salinas, they also highlighted that thanks to them they have felt very accompanied in this difficult process.

“Of course, with colleagues from my grandmother, friends, friends, family. Yes we have felt very accompanied by all the affection ”, declared Plascencia, who also assured that many people who have not had the opportunity to go or enter the hospital maintain contact with them through social networks and telephone calls.


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