Carmen Barbieri spoke of the reunion of Fede Bal and Laurita Fernández: "They are a good pair"

On the night of November 24, Fede Bal and Laurita Fernández crossed on stage and they were very friendly. In addition, the dancer is facing the rumors of crisis with her current partner, Nicolás Cabré. Faced with this, the subject was treated in the program of Carmen Barbieri and, from the mother’s position, the driver gave her opinion.

The panellist Stephanie Berardi He began by recounting the crisis that the blonde is experiencing with her boyfriend and also showed the images of the former couple together at an event. Before the photos that were leaked, Pampito, one of the panelists who are part of the program, asked the actor’s mother and said: “Sorry but… And Sofia Aldrey ?! Fede’s girlfriend … “.

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Upon consultation of the panelist, Barbieri I prefer to be concise and not giving much information about what he was seeing. “I think it’s great because they ended well, because they get along well, because they love and respect each other”, said the capocomic.

Minutes later he added: “They are a good duo for drivers, I do not miss them. I buy them and put them as conductors. In life (together) no, I talk about Fede and Laurita as a show couple “. In addition, on other occasions she came out to support Aldrey for all the support he gave his son during a very difficult time he had to live.

Fede Bal and Laurita Fernández conducting an event.

Almost two months ago Fede Bal returned with Sofía Aldrey and fuIt was they themselves who confirmed it through their social networks. I love Sofi very much. I love my son, he is my eyes. I know that there is an important love there “said the driver.

Watch the video of Carmen Barbieri talking about Fede Bal and Laurita Fernández!

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