Carmen Barbieri revealed that she will have contact with her possible sister: "I’m going to do my DNA"

Her nickname of “La Leona” has been and is a sort of registered trademark to define her body and soul, as a fighter in the face of any type of adversity, Carmen Barbieri. After so many storms, including a recent one, as the accident that his son Fede Bal had in Brazil and that cost her a triple exposed fracture, the capocómica returns to the stage, her great passion.

in chat with DailyShow.comthe conductive current of the cable cycle “Morning” and member of the program “The 8 Steps” parodied that circumstance with the following reflection: “I have no doubt that my next one-man show would have to be called One after the other…. I have been struggling for several years. Life hits me and puts stones in my way and I jump over them. And perhaps one wonders : Why me? Now, let us reflect with another introspection and ask ourselves, too: Why not me? One is in life to learn and I am being taught, in this sense, to live every minute as if it was unique. A pandemic appeared that was about to kill me, a cancer appeared that almost killed Federico and a few days ago, he was also very close to dying due to an accident. An angel protected him and after two operations he was able to recuperate”.

As part of the launch of the thermal season in Entre Ríos, the actress, who says she “loves” thermal waters, admitted that “We were afraid that Fede would lose his arm. He was able to save it and then we got nervous when we noticed that he had no mobility in his fingers. Finally, he was able to overcome those obstacles.”

Carmen Barbieri with Fede Bal, her son.

And the surprises of life, in any matter, do not stop for Carmen Barbieri. Before the appearance of a supposed sister, she said about it: In these days I will communicate with her. By telephone, my lawyer has already spoken with this lady and, really, she has a very brave story. I want to put a closure, yes or no. If the DNA (test) says she’s my sister, I’m going to give her a huge hug and if she says no, too.”

Over and over again, the driver remarked that “Of course I’m going to facilitate the genetic study, there’s not the slightest doubt, Who can be denied identity?!, please! If it’s my sister, I’m going to receive the news with great joy, and if it’s not, we’ll be friends for life.”.

Carmen Barbieri confirmed that the DNA will be done to find out if she has a sister.

Y Carmen Barbieri added for information: This Saturday we are going to see each other, to share a nice coffee and get to know each other. While, the following Saturday, I will do the corresponding DNA test. I choose a Saturday on time because it is the only day that allows me to carry out this type of procedure with the necessary peace of mind. The rest of the week, I am overwhelmed, happily, by the actions of work. If I have a sister it will give me great joy, because of the Barbieri only my cousin and my cousin remain. It would be something great. I am waiting for this possibility with open arms.”

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