Carmen Barbieri, in the hours prior to the DNA study: "If she is my sister, she deserves the surname"

Carmen Barbieri said that she is very excited and anxious to know if Alicia is really her sisterborn from an extramarital encounter of her father. “Yes, I do the DNA when I leave the program to find out if Alicia is my sister. she is preparedHopefully no one gets sick or something always happens and we have to postpone it again. My voice is half scratchy, but it’s because of the cold, as much as I take care of myself, I’m a big woman”he began by saying. “We are going to do our DNA, but I don’t know how long one of these studies will take”he clarified in a chat with

He also spoke on the subject “Morning”and while looking at a photo that contrasted an image of her with her supposed sister, she exclaimed: “I look similar. Let’s see. All the luck, what I want is to remove the doubt that Alicia has had for many yearsand my doubt.

“Carmen, people ask me this question a lot. I pass it on to you because it is something that the public asks me a lot on my social networks: Did you make Alicia sign some paper before doing the DNA, that you don’t want her to claim something economic or I don’t know?he consulted Stephanie Berardi Y Carmen Barbieri answered: “No, there is nothing cheap. If she is my sister, she deserves the last name from the beginning”.

Carmen Barbieri spoke about the DNA that will be carried out with Alicia, her possible sister.

When Carmen Barbieri learned of its existence he had also referred to the possibility that his father had been unfaithful to his mother. “My dad was unfaithful, they were separated for a year when I was 2 or 3 years old and then they lived 36 together. My dad was a magazine star, fame, women, but as the years went by they were a wonderful couple. I would like this identity to be clarified and, at the same time, that my father’s name be cleared “he had pointed out.

“I didn’t know anything and neither did my mom. My mom didn’t know how she would take it, because she had a very open mind. Either she died or she said: Let’s find out who she is. My dad died in Puerto Rico in 1985 and we never found out anything”ended.

Carmen Barbieri spoke exclusively with

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