Carlos Vílchez attracts attention after sharing a photo of his past with Manolo Rojas and Arturo Álvarez

The comic actor Carlos Vílchez surprised his more than 900,000 Instagram followers with a photograph of his past, in which the beloved and charismatic Manolo Rojas and Arturo Álvarez also appear.

In photography, we see comedians with a very different appearance than they do today. The three appear accompanied by one more man, and all smile at the camera.

“What a nice memory… thanks @bojanich… all of you guys, it’s always good to remember friends @oficialarturoalvarez @manolorojasperu”, was the message he wrote in the caption of the snapshot.

As expected, the publication of the member of “JB en ATV” managed to capture the attention of his followers, who highlighted the talent of the three Peruvian comedians.

“Asu uncle Vílchez, what times and what artists. Great ones, a big hello uncle to Vílchez, have a good day”, “Good memory photo”, “What a photo”, “Legends”, “Great artists”, “What a beautiful memory”, were some reactions of his followers.

Arturo Álvarez is compared to Mario Irivarren

Other Internet users highlighted that the comedian Arturo Álvarez, popularly known as ‘Cheverengue’, looked very similar to the Mario Irivarren model in the past.

“That guy, the first one is not Mario Irivarren’s father”, “He is not Mario Irivarren”, “Isn’t the one on the left Mario Irivarren?”, They were some comments that are read in the publication that adds more than 4 thousand “likes”.

What happened to the life of Arturo Álvarez?

Last April, Arturo Álvarez reappeared on television, and denied the versions that had been mentioned that his whereabouts were unknown.

“Here we are as you can see, we are calm, we are fine”, referred to the popular ‘Cheverengue’ before the cameras of “América Noticias”.

The speculations came after it was reported that the comedian had disappeared and that he suffered from severe depression. His relatives even filed a complaint with the Dirincri. However, his brother Carlos Álvarez was in charge of denying the information.

“To all the people who are worried about my brother, he is doing well. Thank you”, wrote the television figure on his Twitter account.

However, Arturo Álvarez’s friends had already shown their concern, because the humorist did not answer his cell phones. “Arturo has not been the same for a long time. He is now living together or I think he married a huaralina. She manages her cell phone and it is difficult to communicate with him. She was offered a job, but she doesn’t want to. Yeah, he’s depressed, and maybe he doesn’t want to talk to anyone.”told a close friend to the imitator.

However, in statements to Trome, Carlos Álvarez assured that his brother is traveling to the interior of the country. “He has been in the provinces for 15 days, with his girlfriend, resting on vacation and returns to Lima this 19th to celebrate his birthday”he claimed.


Carlos Vílchez ruled on the arbitration Peru vs. Brazil

Carlos Vílchez ruled on the arbitration Peru vs. Brazil. (Instagram My Uncle Vílchez Official.)

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