Carlinhos Maia is attacked and cursed by a supposed fan and rebuts: ‘Naughty Cachaceira’. Video!

Carlinhos Maia went through an unusual situation this Friday (7th). The comedian went to visit a tourist spot in Maceió and was suddenly approached by several fans. Helpfully, the artist took pictures and played with several people who were on the spot, until one of them went at him.

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In Stories, on Instagram, Carlinhos narrated the story. Angry with the aggression, he said that the woman has already came to him with curses.

“A woman with a tin in her hand, this size, comes up to me in the crowd and goes like this: ‘you’re ridiculous.’ I still looked at it like that and thought I must be joking. She said, ‘you’re ridiculous.’ I said why? Because you didn’t take a picture with me,” he said.

Also according to Carlinhos, the woman insisted on cursing until he replied that she was ugly. “I don’t drink because I can’t stand drunk people pissing off. I turned around and said: ‘You’re ugly.’ situation happen.

“I’ve already looked at her and said: ‘Naughty Cachaceira’. I screamed. And think it wasn’t good, because we hear so many things every day that we fuck with people. I’m a human being too”, he justified.

Another person who recently went through an assault situation in a public place was Anitta, who told everything in Gkay’s Stories.

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