Carioca nicknamed She-Hulk says she “does not train to look pretty”

the carioca Fafa “Fitness” Araujoaged 36, who earned the nickname of She-Hulkon account of the muscular body similar to that of the Marvel character, said that she “does not train to look beautiful”.

In her Instagram Stories, she explained that she trains hard to “take control of her happiness” and that the hours she spends in the gym are not to “be pretty or perfect”.

“Let’s be honest… the reason I go so hard in the gym is to be proud of myself. Taking care of myself motivates me to be a better person for everyone around me. Looking pretty or perfect is not a true perspective. I do all this to feel in control of my needs. Repeat after me: I am in control of my own happiness,” she began.

Fafá added: “I am very grateful for everything in my life, including you here. No matter what you choose to do with it, do it for yourself to be happy! Not for money, not to please anyone but yourself. You deserve to be put first! I guarantee you will find happiness! Don’t be afraid to listen to your heart. Just go for it!” she encouraged.

The Brazilian, who has a training program that helps people achieve their goals, continued:

“Of course, as a woman I have limits, but I don’t feel limited by society, I create my own limits and that’s respectful of myself. Remember this: People will treat you like you treat yourself, and respect and loyalty is all I care about! If I don’t feel that I’m being respected, I withdraw from that person’s life without any problem. Loyalty and respect starts with myself!”, she added.

Fafá Fitness talked about the heavy training routine at the gym – Photo: Reproduction/ [email protected]

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