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Career Options In Museology: If you have a passion for the old heritage of the country and you want to make a career with them, then you can make a career in the field of museology. Museology is the science of managing, organizing and training a museum or museum for its proper functioning. There are many museums in the country since the British era, but now its expansion and scope has increased. Now it has also become a science of study, display and analysis of weapons, jewellery, inscriptions and human development. Due to which the demand of Peshawar people is continuously increasing in this area. There are more than 700 museums in India ranging from government to private, which offer jobs on a large scale.

Who is a Museologist
A museum is a place where artifacts and objects of historical, scientific and artistic importance are preserved. Professionals who perform these tasks are known as museologists. Museologists can act as curators in museums, where they have the responsibility of cataloging and properly organizing the artifacts in the museum, as well as the responsibility of dividing museum objects into different sections and giving detailed information about them. of happens.
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Study Museology after Graduation
The minimum qualification to start education in this field is 12th. Whether you have done 12th from any subject, you can do the course of museology. However, before taking the course, it must be understood that if you are interested in history, conservation science and conservation of museum collections then only do this course. In this field you can get Bachelor of Arts in Museology and Archeology, BA in Museology, BA in Archeology, PG Diploma in Museology and Conservation, PG Diploma in Museology and History of Indian Art, Advance Diploma in Archeology and Museology, MA in Museology, MA in Archeology, MPhil in Museology and Archaeology PhD in Museology and Archeology courses are included.

During the course, students are given information about curation, art, zoology, botany, history, and anthropology collection management. On the other hand, if you have knowledge of any of the foreign or classical languages ​​such as Persian, Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Arabic, Italian, German, French, then in this sector you will get the benefit of this extra skill.
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You can make a career here (Career Options In Museology)
Governments are now paying a lot of attention to the conservation of national heritage in India, as well as private museums and galleries are also increasing. Due to which the job options are increasing in this field. At present, there are hundreds of such museums in the country, where you can work. Apart from the center, this includes state, district level, private and trust type museums. If you want to work in government sector then you can find job in National Museum, Monetary Museum, RBI, Indian Museum, Salarjung Museum. However, for this you have to clear SSC and UPSC exams. Apart from this, you can also make a golden career in the field of teaching and research by doing MPhil and PhD.

The importance of the museum has increased significantly over the years. Due to which their presentation and concept have also changed. Now museums are being managed more imaginatively. The growing awareness of heritage and preservation of history has led to an increased demand for professionals for the management of Archaeological, Military and War Museums, Art, Maritime, Science and Technological. If you are interested in history, then museology is the best option for you.

You can do the course from here (Best Institutes For Museology)

  1. National Museum Institute, New Delhi (National Museum Institute, New Delhi)
  2. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi
  3. School of Archival Studies, New Delhi
  4. Center for Museology and Conservation, Jaipur
  5. Calcutta University
  6. Banaras Hindu University
  7. Assam University
  8. Rajasthan University
  9. Jammu University

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