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Career In Microbiology After 12th: The world of science is very wide. In this, all the fields are related to each other even though they are separate from each other. such as medicine and microbiology. Both of these are also called life sciences. If we talk about microbiology, then due to their experts, in recent times, meaningful initiatives have been taken in the diagnosis and treatment of many infectious diseases like corona virus, zika virus, HIV and swine flu etc. Testing of packaged foods and dairy products has now become much easier with the use of microbiology. In addition to research in the field of medicine, microbiologists have created many new dimensions in the direction of gene therapy and prevention of pollution.

What is Microbiology
It is a branch of biology in which the study and research is done on micro-organisms like protozoa, algae, bacteria, viruses. In this, microbiologists try to know the positive and negative effects of these bacteria on humans, plants and animals. It helps microbiologists to know the cause of diseases. Along with this, through gene therapy techniques, they also find out about other genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis, cancer in humans.

Course in Microbiology
If you want to become Microbiology then you have to pass 12th with Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology. On the other hand, if you want to do postgraduation, then it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in microbiology. After this, one can do masters in subjects like applied microbiology, medical microbiology, clinical research, bioinformatics, molecular biology, biochemistry, forensic science.
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Career Options in Microbiology
Due to the increasing number of new diseases in the world day by day, the field of microbiology has become a very good career option. As a microbiologist, you can make a great career in the laboratory, clinic, hospital, pharmaceutical company, diary products, teaching, research assistant, and genetic engineering, agricultural product making company etc. There are equal opportunities in this sector in both government and private sector.

Opportunities on These Job Profiles (Jobs In Microbiology Field)

Medical Microbiologist – Their work emphasizes the search for infections occurring in the body and measures to control them, as well as the discovery of new microbes.

Public Health Microbiologist – Their job is to study and control the diseases spread in them during the supply of water and food items.

Agriculture Microbiologist- They speed up their work by focusing on improving the health of crops, not letting them become harmful, increasing their productivity by conducting soil tests, etc.
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Microbial Ecologist- Their function is to examine the origin of micro-organisms and their importance in the chemical cycle of soil and water. They also protect the environment from getting polluted.

Food and Dairy Microbiologist- Their job is to investigate the adverse effects of micro-organisms on all types of food and dairy products. They are also responsible for maintaining the quality of dairy products.

Biomedical Scientist – Those who want to work in lab can go for Biomedical. Their task is to study diseases in organisms and reduce their harmful substances while properly managing biological information.

attractive salary
If you want to go in this sector then you will get the best salary in it in private sector especially multinational companies. After joining a medical institute after master or PG diploma course, you can get 40 to 50 thousand rupees per month. If you go into research or teaching then you can earn lakhs of rupees per month.

You can do the course from here (Institutes For Microbiology Courses)

  1. Delhi University, New Delhi
  2. Amity University, Noida
  3. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  4. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh (Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh)
  5. Patna University Patna, Bihar
  6. Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal

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