career in bsc home science: Career In Home Science: It is very easy to make a career in home science, get good salary


  • Learn how to make a career in Home Science
  • There are many courses like Diploma in Home Science
  • There are many options other than production jobs

Career Opportunities In Home Science: The economics of the house, which we know as home science, is the science of understanding the relationships between individuals, families, societies and the surrounding environment. In simple words, it is the art of managing a house and other resources. It teaches you how to apply science and the humanities to improve family nutrition, the human environment, resource management, and child development. After passing 12th, students can have the option of making a successful career in home science. Students can opt for courses in any one of the five major streams of Home Science. This includes textile and apparel science, resource management, communication and extension, nutrition and food and human development.

Courses And Qualifications
If you want to make your career in Home Science after 12th and thinking of doing BMC, then you have to clear 12th with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Many institutes also admit those with vocational courses in Natural Sciences, Physical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Home Science, while graduation from a recognized institution is necessary for pursuing a PG Diploma or Diploma. To do MSc in Home Science, a student must have a BSc or its equivalent degree from an institute. Also, for doing PhD, it is necessary to have MSc in Home Science or its equivalent qualification.

At the same time, after graduation in Home Science, master can also be done in subjects like Fashion Designing, Dietetics, Consulting, Social Work, Development Studies, Entrepreneurship, Mass Communication and Catering Technology etc. Students of this subject also have the option of doing B.Ed.
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Home Science Courses

  1. Diploma in Home Science
  2. BSc in Home Science
  3. BSc (Hons) Home Science (BSc (Hons) Home Science)
  4. BHSc & BSc (Hons) Food & Nutrition (BHSc & BSc (Hons) Food & Nutrition)
  5. BSc (Hons) Human Development BSc (Hons) Human Development
  6. MSc Home Science & PhD

You can make a career here (Career In Home Science)
Production Job
Food preservation, dress making, cooking etc. come under this field and graduate students can work in textile business, fashion designing as well as hotel and food industry.

Research Job
Major topics like Mothers, Farmers, Villagers, Food Values, Food Items etc. have been included in the area of ​​research. In this, one has to work as a researcher, scientist in laboratories.

Sales Job
Here sales promotion of food items, especially baby food related work is done. In this, graduates of Home Science are suitable in terms of experience and knowledge.

Service Job
Housekeeping department and maintenance work can be done in any hotel, restaurant, tourist resort, catering center. Apart from this, there are many types of opportunities in it.
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Teaching Job
If you have a bachelor’s degree in home science, then you can do a job as a professor in a primary school, in a senior secondary school if you have a post graduate degree, and in a college if you have a PhD degree.

Technical Job
In today’s time, many manufacturing industries consider it necessary to keep graduates in Home Science in the role of Research Assistant, where they also get good salary.

Job Profiles
After Graduation and Post Graduation in Home Science, you can work in many fields by staying on different job profiles. These include mainly interior decorators, dress designers, dieticians, nutritionists, women child development officers, teachers, TV or radio artists, extension workers, food technologists and managers.

If you are starting job as pressure after graduation in home science then you can get annual salary of 2 to 3 lakhs. After one year of experience, this salary can range from Rs 4 to 5 lakhs. On the other hand, people working in research, education or catering sector get good salary.

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