career growth in it sector: Career Tips: This sector is doing the most career growth after corona, know how you can also apply – highly paid jobs and industry in india


  • There are good careers in these three areas after Corona
  • Know India’s top sectors, in which you will get high salary
  • You can also prepare for these jobs

Highly Paid Jobs: The coronavirus that came last year has not given up till now. Due to this, the economy of the whole world along with India came in the grip of recession. Due to the long lockdown in India, the growth rate had gone into negative, although now it is improving continuously, but the atmosphere of uncertainty still remains. While many sectors went into recession due to Corona, there are some sectors which found opportunities in this disaster. Healthcare sector, e-commerce sector, IT sector are also included in these. In which there is a significant growth from last year.

Healthcare Sector
While many sectors have suffered huge losses due to the corona virus epidemic, the healthcare sector is the sector which has benefited the most. There has been a steady growth in this sector. Due to which there is a lot of jobs in this field. It is estimated that the expected average annual wage growth for the sector in 2021 will be 8 per cent. At the same time, newcomers working in this field can expect 15 to 20 percent increase from their previous salary. Pharma companies have converted this disaster into opportunity, due to the epidemic, people became more conscious about their health, people consulted the doctor and resorted to medicines on any cold, cough or virus, health supplement with medicines, face There was a huge demand for masks, sanitizers, immunity-boosting medicines, hygiene-related products.

The supply of online medicines also increased during this period. At the same time, with the development in the lab and testing facilities, it has also been boosted, due to which private hospitals have also benefited a lot. One of the reasons for the growth in this sector is also that during Corona, where this sector was most needed, there was also relaxation in lockdown.
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IT Sector
After the corona virus epidemic, the first and most negative impact was on the IT sector, especially after the lockdown, once this sector was completely closed, but after that this sector took such a path that today it is in the most profit. IT companies adopting digital model in a better way became a game changer in this, IT companies also implemented work from home model properly, which did not decline their business, while during this time they reduced their expenses. And increase your clients continuously. Even during the lockdown, his orderbook kept going strong. The whole world locked in lockdown came under the trust of infotech, which benefited the sector. The demand for cyber security also played a role in this. In this sector also, the average annual salary increase in the year 2021 is expected to be 7.3 percent. Professionals working in this field can expect an increase of 15 to 25 per cent from their previous salary.

There has been a sudden spurt in recruitment in the SaaS, health-tech, ed-tech and gaming industries. Many companies have taken advantage of the availability of Indian technical experts willing to return to India due to Corona. At the same time, start-ups are providing the flexibility to the right talent to work from any location or work in a hybrid model. Due to which this sector is continuously growing.
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E-commerce Sector
Markets, shops remained closed for a long time due to the lockdown during Corona, due to which the dependence of people on e-commerce companies increased. In today’s time, huge opportunities have arisen for online grocery and e-retail shops. After getting exemption for e-commerce during the lockdown, these companies have worked to strengthen their network. They handled the shortage of manpower well, although initially there were some problems due to supply chain disruptions, obstruction in the movement of goods and shortage of staff, but in the subsequent months, e-commerce companies made a recovery.

The growth in e-commerce companies today also strengthened more tech-enabled platforms in logistics and warehousing. Due to which the average annual salary increase for this sector in 2021 has been estimated at 7.5 percent. At the same time, newcomers working in this field can expect a 16 percent increase in their salary. Hundreds of delivery start-ups and hyperlocal start-ups have also come up in the region to cater to the needs of the customers, thereby boosting the jobs.

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