Cardinal Becciu under investigation: “Criminal association”. Turnaround after the rogatory: the delivery notes for 18,000 kg of bread are among the documents

The Cardinal Angelo Becciu turns out to be investigated with other people for criminal association. This was confirmed by the promoter of justice Alessandro Diddion the occasion of the hearing of the process on the management of funds from the secretariat of state. Diddi also reported on the outcome of the rogatory for the hypothesis of a crime of association, in the context of which the court of Sassari forwarded the results of the investigations conducted on the Vatican to the Vatican Spes Cooperative from Ozieriled by Becciu’s brother, Antoninus. Interviewed by reporters, both the cardinal and his defenders (lawyers Fabio Viglione And Maria Concetta March) said they knew nothing of this additional file. Although it is about a parallel investigationHowever, Attorney General Diddi decided to deposit the findings in the records of the current trial, considering them relevant.

The documentation sent by the court of Sassari to the Vatican via USB key contains “a selection of the documents sent to this Office”, and in particular annotations of the Finance Guard from Oristano and a series of chat excerpts from the seized phone devices at Maria Luisa Zambrano, nephew of the cardinal, and to Becciu’s brother. “I consider the documents received particularly relevant,” Diddi said during the hearing. Among other things there are also “considerations on this Office and on the Tribunal itself”, as well as considerations on journalists who according to the investigators “have participated in a press campaign against this process”. It also talks about Monsignor Sergio Pintorwho died two years ago, “who was bishop of Ozieri when the account used by the Spes Cooperative was opened”, and of his ties “with people in this process”.

Once the transport documents emerged (“delivery notes” dated bread of the Coop Spes alle parishes) – exactly 928 documents of transport – which would have served “to justify the sums paid by the diocese to Spes”. Diddi reported a real one forgery of the delivery notes for 18 thousand kilos of breaddocuments which according to the reconstruction of the Gdf would have been made a few weeks before the start of the current process, but concerning deliveries of bread dating back to 2018. As explained by the Vatican pg, the Fiamme Gialle “are gone parish by parish looking for the recipients of the bread and no one recognized their signature on the transport documents”.

As for the relationship between the then bishop Pintor and the Becciu family, Diddi spoke of “heavy interference of the Roman Curia on the activity of the diocese”. “Pintor had no control over the Caritas – Diddi reported on what emerged from the rogatory -: the diocese and Caritas were essentially managed by the Becciu family. There Sassari Public Prosecutor’s Office came to our own conclusions.”

Furthermore, with regard to the so-called “promiscuous account” used by Spes, “mons. Pintor knew nothing of his openness ”. And in the chats it emerges that “they were looking for a bank manager who would certify that it was Msgr. Pintor, the author of the opening of the account, whom he, on the other hand, did not know ”. Other findings, the one on “cordial, friendly” relationships, of Giovanna Paniamong Becciu’s family members, e Cecilia Marogna.

Finally, according to Diddi, a “disturbing fact“, the finding of the recording a phone call between Cardinal Becciu And Pope francesco on 24 July 2021, three days before the opening of the process in the Vatican and about ten days after the Pope’s exit from the Twins after her colon surgery. “In Piazza del Sant’Uffizio there are, in addition to Becciu, Zambrano and an unidentified third person”. From the recording, made with the telephone of Zambrano e heard in the classroom but behind closed doors, you listen Becciu complaining to the Pope: “You have already condemned me, it is useless for me to go to trial!”. The reference is to the pontiff’s decision to “retire” the cardinal who remained a cardinal but without the relative rights: Becciu resigned as prefect of the Congregation for the causes of saints. Last August, Francis then invited Becciu to participate in the consistory.

In the phone call Becciu also talks about the money paid on the recommendation of Cecilia Marogna to the British agency Inkerman for the release of kidnapped Colombian nun from jihadist groups in Evils. “For the ransom – reported pg Diddi – Becciu asks the Pope to confirm that he had been authorized to pay the money to Inkerman. In his statements, the cardinal said that the Pope was aware, instead in the phone call the Holy Father remains puzzled. On the other hand, he had just come out of hospitalization, he was tired”. The remainder of the hearing was devoted to cross-examining the prosecution witness mgr. Alberto Perlascaformer head of theOffice administrative as well as civil party in the process, testimony that will continue tomorrow with the examination by the defense.

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