Card designed for Unicef: Lindenberg wishes "more rock ‘n’ roll"

Map designed for Unicef
Lindenberg wants “more rock’n’roll”

Wars and crises everywhere you look. Udo Lindenberg looks at the “chaos in the world” with great concern. On the occasion of the presentation of a Unicef ​​card he designed, the singer makes it clear what he thinks our society needs to improve the situation a little.

Panic rocker Udo Lindenberg wishes “a bit more rock’n’roll” for society. The German music legend sees it primarily as a way of life. “It’s naïve to believe that everything is somehow going well. You have to try new things to stay true to yourself,” he told the UN children’s fund Unicef ​​on Tuesday. Rock’n’Roll” means “not always saying what others like, but also more often flagging up your point of view and going through with it.” Lindenberg therefore demands: “We all have to become a bit more Rock’n’Roll, argue, discuss, get involved.”

The 76-year-old singer has designed a Christmas greeting card for Unicef ​​again this year. You can see a big heart on which the musician casually leans. Above it is the phrase “My heart is my compass”. The message behind it is that you should listen to your inner voice. Proceeds from sales go to children’s charities around the world.

“Idiot wars, social strife”

In the interview published today, Udo Lindenberg nevertheless admitted that the inner compass needle was shaking “quite badly” “with all the chaos in the world”. “All these stupid wars, the destruction of the environment, so many murderous regimes, social unrest, human rights violations in so many countries,” he listed. “It all makes it hard to believe – a nice, fair world for everyone.”

But resignation was never the way. “Let’s listen to our conscience, to our heart, let’s continue, let’s get involved,” said Lindenberg. There is no alternative. “Utopia is a fuel and energy bringer today for the fairer world of tomorrow,” he explained. He called out to today’s children: “Listen to your inner voice and stay positive.”

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