“Carcinoma removed from Biden’s chest”: the announcement of the White House doctor

“All the tissue carcinogenic has been successfully removed. No further treatment is required.” Kevin O’Connnordoctor of Joe Bidenannounced that it had withdrawn del tissue cutaneous from the chest of the American president last February 16thas part of the annual checks. There biopsy revealed that it was a basal cell carcinoma which, the doctor emphasized, does not tend to spread or to produce metastases like other more dangerous types of skin cancer, but could grow by sizewhich is why it is being removed. O’Connor he also reported that the portion of the chest on which the removal is “healed well” and that the president will continue i check regular cutis as part of his routine health plan. Basal cells are among the forms of cancer more common and easily treated, especially if caught early.

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