Carcassonne: these traders who fight against waste

They were new to receive the “Zero Waste Enterprise” label on December 13 at the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Aude. Among them, two Carcassonnaises: Céline Dumontel, for her company “Simplement Durable”, and Laura Papaskiri for her bakery and pastry shop “Le Délices des Capucins”.

“For a sustainable world, dare the washable”

It has been five years since Céline Dumontel created “Simplement Durable”. From her home, she makes ecological items. Paper towels, coffee filters, wipes, tissues and even sanitary napkins: everything she produces is washable, ecological and reusable.

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On December 13, she received the Entreprise Zéro Déchet label. The Ademe (Environment and Energy Management Agency) and the Chamber of Trades wanted to promote companies with an ecological and responsible dynamic. “We meet specifications, we have to give invoices. We have to show that we know how to manage our waste. Personally, I buy my fabrics in bulk to avoid too much transport. I recycle or I have my waste recycled. They also look at the machines, if they consume a lot of energy, and the lighting too “, says the founder of “Simplement Durable”.

“Everything is done by hand. I use three main materials: cotton, bamboo, and hemp. The aspect that I would very much like to develop for 2022, are washable feminine protections. On this kind of product, the prices are often very high, so I make sure that my items are accessible to everyone, my goal is to offer products that are accessible to as many people as possible. This label helps to strengthen and bring consistency to the way I produce and recycle. We hope to be able to launch a real dynamic around this network in order to show that it is quite possible for a company to pay attention to ecology “, explains Céline Dumontel.

Céline Dumontel, “Simplement Durable”, exhibits her products in many organic stores in the region.

“To waste and throw away food is unthinkable for me”

Having known the Georgian civil war, Laura Papaskiri settled in Carcassonne with her husband and her children, and is today at the head of the bakery and pastry shop “Le Délice des Capucins”.

She also received the “Zéro Déchet” label last December. “I have known war. I know the value of bread, the value of food. It touches me when I see someone wasting, throwing away. The Chamber of Trades asked me to participate in” zero waste “. They looked at the machines I used, the lighting, and how I participated in the non-waste of the products. In the evening, I offer the unsold products to customers, either in promotion or for free. I am proud to have this label , to show people that I care “, specifies Laura Papaskiri.

Laura Papaskiri received the "Entreprise Zéro Déchet" label for her bakery and pastry shop last December.

Laura Papaskiri received the “Entreprise Zéro Déchet” label for her bakery and pastry shop last December.

“Le Délice des Capucins”, 65 Boulevard Barbès, Carcassonne.

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