Carcassonne: the works on the rue du Pont-Vieux in detail

Divided into five sequences, they will in fact concern a larger sector, from the exit of rue Aimé-Ramond to Pont-Vieux itself … and even beyond. Objective: to develop an axis connecting the Bastide to the City.

One presentation can hide another. At the end of last week, the presentation of the main axes of investment of the City in 2021 was indeed accompanied by a detailed description of the consequent developments which will benefit from the street of Pont Vieux and its surroundings. A project that will not be completed this year, but of which the municipal team wishes to demonstrate the scope and objective.

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Slabs for the roadway, plantations and pebbles for the pedestrian paths.

The repair of the said street (which in fact needs it) will logically constitute the first stage of the work. It will begin during the first semester with the treatment of wet and dry networks, then resume after the summer to end in the first quarter of 2023. “On the rendering itself, we want a differentiated treatment between the central lane and the two side lanes, intended for pedestrians”, indicates the first assistant Isabelle Chesa. “The central part will be made of stone slabs while the borders will be pebbles, in order to have continuity with the Old Bridge”. On each side too, plants arranged at regular intervals will brighten up the whole.

Also give priority to pedestrians

This first sequence has a cost: 1,690,000 euros. But this major issue, on the 18the of Operation Grands Sites, for which the City is the contracting authority, will amount to a total of 3,450,000 euros. Four other phases are thus planned, like so many illustrations of a project which is not confined to a single street. “The second sequence will focus on the Carmelite convent, the third on the Pont-Vieux itself, the fourth on the belvederes on either side of the bridge, and finally the fifth will concern the parking lot in the old barracks. firefighters “, lists Isabelle Chesa. We will understand: it is “a whole sector” which is about to be reconfigured.

The rue du Pont-Vieux with the rue Aimé-Ramond opposite.

The rue du Pont-Vieux with the rue Aimé-Ramond opposite.
Independent – BOYER Claude

“We want to create an eye-catcher with Square Gambetta and rue Aimé-Ramond, confirms the chosen one. The goal is to establish a link between Cité, Bastide, Pont-Vieux and even Canal du Midi: one of the elements of reflection was to offer a direct view of the City from the rue du Pont-Vieux “. The preliminary draft will be completed on January 14, its validation scheduled for the end of the month. “From there, we will be able to file the planning permission for the first sequence and ‘freeze’ its configuration.” A guideline is already emerging: “Also give priority to pedestrians”. Pedestrianizing the future area at certain times of the year could also be considered.

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