Carcassonne: the judicial court of Carcassonne finds its criminal investigation

After three years of absence due to the health crisis, it was in front of a full house that the solemn return to school took place this Friday, January 13, at the end of the morning. A first for the new president and the prosecutor who arrived in 2022.

“As of February 1, the Carcassonne investigating judge may be seized of criminal acts where penalties ranging from 15 to 20 years of criminal imprisonment are incurred. We are talking about cases of rape, fatal blows or even armed robbery…”said Géraldine Labialle, public prosecutor of Carcassonne.

The public prosecutor of Carcassonne, Géraldine Labialle.
Independent – BOYER Claude

Clearly, the jurisdiction of Carcassonne will become the seat of the departmental criminal court. This Friday morning, the announcement had the effect of a small bomb during the solemn hearing of the return of the judicial court of Carcassonne, which had lost criminal jurisdiction in the department following a decree of 2009.

Carcassonne will find an education worthy of the name!

“This year, thanks to the implementation of the Confidence law, petty criminals will return to Carcassonne” did not fail to ironize the former president Stéphane Cabée, who replaced his colleague Gérard Bouissinet retained by professional obligations in Guadeloupe. And to recall more seriously that the Carcassonne jurisdiction identifies “70% of the department’s criminal cases… Carcassonne will find an investigation worthy of the name!”

The public prosecutor of Carcassonne, Géraldine Labialle.

The public prosecutor of Carcassonne, Géraldine Labialle.
Independent – BOYER Claude

Among the new features to come in 2023, we note in particular the upcoming opening of the House of Justice and Law (MJD) in Limoux, instead of the former district court (TI). As Marjorie Lacassagne-Taveau, new president of the Carcassonne court, pointed out, “it’s a public place that will bring people closer to justice services”. And prosecutor Labialle added the arrival of a legal assistance dog, to help children or women who are victims of domestic violence: “We have applied and we will be fixed in two or three months…”

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Work better within reasonable deadlines.

Behind this good news, the reality of the Carcassonne judicial court seems quite different in view of the speech by President Cabée, who denounces “a lack of means, clerks and magistrates”before welcoming the announcements made on January 5 by Minister of Justice Éric Dupond-Moretti, who promises a 60% increase in the justice budget over ten years: “Fingers crossed that this is true!” According to prosecutor Géraldine Labialle, “25% of the staff of the Carcassonne court are missing”.
To meet the challenges that are looming on the horizon, the two heads of jurisdiction of the judicial court of the Aude capital informed the large audience of their wish to “continue to exercise harmonious collaboration, correctly responding to the expectations of litigants. It is essential that justice be understood by all. The number of pending procedures is only too high”.

A collective enterprise with “a desire to create a dynamic”without forgetting magistrates who want “work better within reasonable deadlines”. Just like the lawyers of the Carcassonne bar, who would like “their premises are not reduced to their most incongruous portion”at the end of the major renovation work on the courthouse which is coming to an end.

Five new magistrates installed

During this solemn return to school, no less than five magistrates, including one from the public prosecutor’s office, were officially installed in the functions they have held since September 2022. First, the new president of the judicial court , Marjorie Lacassagne-Taveau, who arrived straight from Martinique where she was a counselor at the Court of Appeal of Fort-de-France. Followed by the vice-president Catherine Baillet in charge of the application of sentences, as well as Anne Nappez who chairs in particular the criminal court, even that of the police. Still as a judge at the head office, we note the arrival of Émilie Quintane, formerly in charge of protection litigation at Chaumont. She is now a family court judge.
On the floor this time, we note the long-awaited arrival of Lucile Moutier as deputy prosecutor. She comes from Valenciennes.

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