Carcassonne: in the maternity ward, speech therapists educate parents on the importance of oral language

As part of the “1 baby, 1 book” day, speech therapists met with families at the maternity ward of the hospital center on Thursday 17 November to raise awareness about the importance of oral language and fight against illiteracy.

Twenty newborns and their parents had a short visit Thursday, November 17 at the maternity ward of the hospital center. On the occasion of the tenth national edition of the day “1 baby, 1 book” (and the fourth in Carcassonne), organized by the national federation of speech therapists (FNO), professionals passed by to distribute a “doudou book” to babies as well as just a booklet for parents. The goal? “To inform them about the importance of oral language with their children, to promote interactions without interference and to fight against illiteracy.” Indeed, this difficulty in deciphering texts deemed “simple” affects 7% of the French population aged 18 to 65 according to figures from the national agency for the fight against illiteracy (ANLCI). “These books are made of fabric and available to newborns so that they can handle them. It’s a support they can use all day. It may seem like obvious gestures, but sometimes everyday life takes over and it’s more difficult to put everything in place from birth, especially for new parents”, explains Élodie Noury, president of the Aude association “Parl’11 en”. But why a book? Because another message is to be understood: avoid screens in the youngest as well as adults. The president justifies: “If parents are in front of the screen during a moment of exchange with their child, they will not be attentive”.

2 years of delay for a first appointment in the department

“It’s a real prevention, it allows you to put things in place from the start”, assures Laurence Chantelot, midwife coordinator in midwifery. Élodie Noury ​​abounds: “If there is a problem that comes in childhood, it is difficult to put everything back in order, it does not happen immediately”. Because another problem arises: the lack of speech therapists in France and in particular in the department of Aude, where the waiting times “extend up to two years” for a first date. A common territorial waiting list has even been created in the department. “We have a lot of requests because our field of action is large. We also take care of the elderly, adults and people who have had health problems such as a stroke”confides the president who sums up: “This prevention makes it possible to avoid certain problems, thus reducing requests and therefore waiting times”. Élodie Noury ​​also recalls that “Other awareness-raising actions are planned. In partnership with the maternal and child protection (PMI) of Aude, we are organizing information meetings to raise awareness among these professionals about oral language, so that they can apply this advice to of the children they receive”.

Speech therapists brought a “cuddly book” to educate new parents about oral language as part of the “1 baby, 1 book” day.
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