Carcassonne: faced with galloping inflation, the anti-waste app "Too Good To Go" full board

The “Too Good To Go” application, which connects retailers and Internet users to save unsold items, is attracting more and more merchants. And a hit with consumers.

Gasoline, energy, the price of the caddy… for several months, everything has been increasing. And consumers are largely aware of this. To soften the painful bill and gain purchasing power, the people of Carcassonne are looking for solutions to fill their fridge. Among them, the anti-waste application “Too Good To Go”, specializing in the use of unsold food from traders. By reselling them at a largely discounted price, the application offers on the one hand to avoid waste, but above all to benefit from gift baskets at a good price. In the prefecture and its surroundings, about twenty shops are listed there.

We put the offers online at 12:30 p.m. At 12:31 p.m., all our baskets are already reserved. It’s going full speed

From all sides, it is a great success. From that of consumers and that of merchants. A win-win agreement that the Montagné fishmonger – located rue Aimé-Ramond – decided to join a few months ago. Several times a week, the trade offers its baskets by publishing its offers the day before for the next day. Two on Tuesday and five on Saturday. Baskets of diverse and varied fish. One worth €30 that customers, going through the app, only pay €9.99. The second worth €15 sold for €4.99.

pilot fish

According to Maëva, an employee, it is jostling at the gate: “We put the offers online at 12:30 p.m. At 12:31 p.m., all our baskets are already reserved.she explains. We haven’t been offering this service for very long. A sales representative came to canvass us in the spring. He introduced us to the principle. At the fishmonger’s, we didn’t know. My boss agreed. It allows us to liquidate our fresh products and not throw away and therefore not have any losses. On the customer side, it’s all good too. Fish is one of the foodstuffs that have increased significantly in recent months. People are delighted to be able to afford fish at this price. There are those who tell us that in normal times, they consume very little seafood and that with this application, they can afford it. It’s a system that benefits everyone.”

A system that allows merchants to avoid waste and consumers to gain purchasing power.

new customers

Rue Chartrand, the Bousquet cheese dairy also recently decided to join the Too Good To Go adventure. Slightly dried cheeses, butter that is approaching its expiry date or even yoghurts fill the baskets offered by the town center brand. Sephora, an employee, is surprised to see “especially non-customers afford these baskets”. “Many users are supermarket customers who do not necessarily have the means to go to a cheesemonger. By discovering our products via these gift baskets, they sometimes come back without going through the application”, she realizes.

Victoria and Séverine from the Ibis hotel.

Victoria and Séverine from the Ibis hotel.
The Independent – Driss Chait

Even the Ibis hotel in Square Gambetta was seduced by the formula. The Too Good To Go logo is even displayed in the window. Every morning, bread, pancakes, croissants and other chocolatines not consumed by their customers at breakfast are sold at a lower cost: €2.49. Manager Victoria is delighted: “We have someone every day. Even on weekends. It fills up very quickly. We can even say that we have our regulars now!”

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