Car parked in the same place for 47 years becomes a monument

Sometimes it happens that, during our daily trips, a car catches our attention for some reason. It may be that the cause is that we always see it parked in the same place. When this happens, the most normal thing is that the authorities, after some time and some notification, proceed to remove it from the public highway because they understand that it is abandoned.

The vehicle in this story has starred in one of those cases, but the result has been somewhat unprecedented. The Lancia Fulvia of the year 1962 that was parked in the middle of the street, in front of the door of his house and his owner’s newsstand in the town of Conegliano, in northern Italy.

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Angelo Fregolent, who owns the car, stopped using it decades ago but never moved it from the parking lot right in front of his business. Over time, the Lancia came to become a local tourist attraction, and it is that it has been parked there for about 47 years.

Appears on Google Maps

Both the tourists who visit Conegliano, as well as the residents themselves, took photos with the car and it was even declared a monument and still appears on Google Maps the exact point where it was parked so that it would be more easily found by anyone visiting the city.

It is striking that, for almost half a century, the car has not suffered more damage than that of the passage of time. And is that has not suffered any type of vandalism nor has he been involved in any traffic accident, taking into account that for years he was the only one parked on that street.

Car parked in the same place for 47 years becomes a monument. (Photo: Google Maps)

Withdrawn from public roads

This singular record of permanence in a public parking lot ended a few weeks ago, since last October 20 the authorities of Conegliano they finally decided to withdraw it from public roads due to environmental issues and abandonment. After that, the organizers of a classic car museum decided, with the owner’s permission, to display it alongside other historic vehicles.

In the coming weeks, the 1962 Lancia Fulvia will undergo a restoration. Once this has been completed, by way of deference, the municipal authorities have decided leave it exposed in the garden of a school oenological that is located right in front of the home of Angelo Fregolent.

In this way, Don Angelo can continue to see his vehicle every time he looks out the window of his house, as he has been doing for the last 47 years.

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