Car incentives, free rental and bonus increased by 50 percent

The Ministry of Economy has given the green light to the Dpcm which reshapes the incentives for the purchase of low environmental impact cars, welcoming the minister’s proposal Giorgetti. The most important news is that, if the income of those who buy is less than 30 thousand eurosthe contribution state will increase by 50%.

Specifically, it should be remembered that for M1 category vehicles, the new Euro 6, with carbon dioxide emissions included in the 0-20 grams per kilometer (this is the case of electric cars), with a price not exceeding € 35,000 excluding VAT, the contribution currently amounts to € 3,000, which rises to € 5,000 in the event of scrapping. For those falling within the 21-60 g / km CO2 emissions band with a price not exceeding 45,000 euros excluding VAT, the incentive is equal to 2,000 euros, 4,000 in case of vehicle scrapping of less than 5 euros.

The big Announcementsas well as, as mentioned, the increase in the bonus for incomes of less than 30 thousand euros, is the enlargement of the same also at legal entities who rent cars, as long as they keep ownership of them for at least 12 months. A measure that has long been desired, especially as regards sector associations, which will favor the purchase of electric cars And plug-in hybrids by rental companies and businesses, increasing their market share. “The rationale is that a significant share of the electric and plug-in remains resources and the design of the incentives is proving to be correct ”, as explained by the Mise.

We come now at reactions trade unions to the provision. For the national secretary of the Fim Cisl Ferdinando Uliano “It is essential that the discussion on the forms of financing necessary to accompany the industrial system towards the transition to sustainable motorization be resumed”. For Gianluca FiccoAuto coordinator of the Uilm, “The ability to attract investments in innovative technologies and finance conversions in that part of the production chain linked to the internal combustion engine will be decisive. We ask for an urgent review of the social safety nets that are insufficient to cope with the double emergency of the transition and the supply crisis ”. While Simone MarinelliAuto coordinator for the Fiomraises the alarm: “the incentives alone are not enough to relaunch the sector and the fund for the automotive sector, which is already insufficient in terms of quantity of resources and the absence of useful tools to guide the ecological transition and protect the occupation”.

As for the sector insiders, there is satisfaction. “Thanks to this measure”, says the director of theUnrae Andrea Cardinali, “The full use of the available funds will finally be guaranteed and a residual balance of over 300 million euros at the end of the year will be avoided. Given that the Dpcm path has been chosen, we hope that the technical times for implementing the provision will be reduced to a minimum to avoid an excessive slowdown in the fleet market ”. Positive comments also from Anfiawho said she was happy that “the resources destined for the industrial policy measures envisaged by the automotive fund have finally been implemented”, while the Promotor Study Centerthrough the mouth of its director Gian Primo Quagliano, he explains that “the measures adopted are opportune because they correct some errors in setting the incentives provided for by the decree of 6 April. We hope that the new executive will continue on the path of the Draghi government by banning any ideological approach ”.

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