Capucine Anav and Laurence, the daughter of Brigitte Macron BFF’s in Marrakech: they draw exactly the same dress!

Revealed in 2012 thanks to Secret Story,Nasturtium Anav chained the filming of reality TV before turning to other projects. Indeed, she was able to try her hand at the position of columnist in The Magazine or Do not touch My TV. But it is at the theater and as an actress that the beautiful brunette flourishes like never before.

Although she wears an eternal smile, several anxieties have settled in her daily life as she confided on her social networks in November 2021. “Since my first TV 10 years ago I have had a kind of emotional shock. I needed a presence with me too much. I think it must have happened to me 5 times in 10 years to find myself really alone! I have a real phobia of loneliness. I’m a big girl, I’m 30, I have to get used to sleeping alone. I have panic attacks when I’m all alone” confessed the former sidekick of Aurélie Dotremont.

Fortunately, things are going much better since Capucine Anav has found a match for her in the person of Victor. Still as much in love, the two lovebirds have taken the next step since the young man asked for the hand of his beautiful last February. Besides, the ceremony will take place in 2023. Enough to give them time to prepare everything as it should be.

Whereas the one who was the victim of a narcissistic pervert returns heaven and earth to make it the best day of their lives, she does not twiddle her thumbs professionally speaking. On the contrary, she continues to accumulate filming but also other projects. Recently, the young woman announced her capsule collection with the brand Authentic.

And it would seem that there are already young women under the spell of the products. Also under the sun of Marrakech, Laurence Cauzière Jourdan has already adopted the same dress as Capucine Anav. A look that did not escape the former reality TV candidate since she reacted to the publication of Brigitte Macron’s daughter, emphasizing how much she was “too beautiful”. We love !


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