"Captain Marleau" (France 2): this funny nickname given to Kad Merad by Corinne Masiero

Since its undeniable success, Capitaine Marleau invites prestigious guests to respond to Corinne Masiero, main actress of the France Télévisions series. The phenomenon first broadcast on France 3 then now on France 3 has seen the names of Isabelle Adjani, Sandrine Bonnaire, Mélanie Doutey, JoeyStarr, Pierre Arditi, Muriel Robin or even Gérard Depardieu parade in its credits. And if the program succeeded so quickly in bringing together such a gathering of celebrities, it is of course thanks to its director Josée Dayan, known for her adaptations of literary works such as Les Rois maudits (mini-series, 2005), Le Comte Monte-Cristo with Gérard Depardieu (which brought together 15 million viewers in front of the small screen in 1998), Les Misérables (in 2000), Dangerous Liaisons (in 2003) with Catherine Deneuve or Milady (in 2004) with Arielle Dombasle.

So when the septuagenarian picks up her phone to offer a role, the actors come running. Like Kad Merad who dreamed of working with the director and who saw his wish come true in an episode of the third season of Captain Marleau which will be rebroadcast this Friday August 5, 2022 on France 2. The opportunity also for Julia Vignali’s companion to meet the exuberant Corinne Masiero. “I knew her by sight like everyone else. As for Josée, it was a real meeting, a real discovery. It’s a very strong personality who created his character and who maintains it, feeds it with his own experiences. She made it into something close to her.”, had entrusted the actor to our colleagues from TV Mag, claiming to have had a very good relationship with his partner during the filming: “On was very complicit”.

In the episode of Captain Marleau rebroadcast by France 2, Kad Merad plays a has-been singer. The opportunity for Corinne Masiero to find him a nickname drawn from his humorous past. The actress, who regularly rewrites her lines of dialogue, wanted to pay tribute to her sketches written with Olivier, her first sidekick.At several times, she calls me “Petit canaillou” in reference to an old sketch we did with Olivier, told the actor.I played Jean-Michel Sancowl, the son of Darry Cowl and Véronique Sanson.”


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