‘Captain America: Civil War’ Producer Reveals Scrapped Sequel Idea

Before ‘Captain America: Civil War’ close the trilogy of films starring Chris Evansanother idea was being considered for the denouement.

In an interview for podcast The Town (via The Direct), the producer Nate Moore said that the plot would show the hero trying to stop Zemo from building a mind trigger bomb, which would make ordinary people fight with each other.

Nonetheless, Moore said that Kevin Feigecreative director of Marvelrejected the proposal.

“We were developing Captain America 3 and it was going really well. The previous film worked and was a success, so we started talking about a new film, and we knew we had to resolve the Winter Soldier story. We wanted Bucky to reunite with Cap to face Zemo, because he’s a classic Cap villain. And we were making the movie around the idea of ​​a maddening bomb, which would make normal people start fighting each other. It was something similar to what they did with Kingsman. The charm of it all is that you turn hordes of people into mental slaves… And that was the physical challenge the Captain would have to face.”

For those who don’t know, the idea has already been used in the character’s comics, in a plot written by Jack Kirbyand Moore he was betting on the idea due to its political tone.

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“It was cool, very political… But Feige said: not a good enough idea, folks. Let me write a draft and I’ll prove it to you. And, a while later, he called me into the office and said, ‘We should try to adapt’Civil war🇧🇷 So I said, ‘Kevin, we don’t even have half the material we need to adapt Civil War. We don’t have the New Warriors or anything like that… There’s no way to do that.’ And then he said, ‘Go home and read Civil war🇧🇷 And I went home, read, reread and still thought: We don’t even have negative prison… there are so many things that we don’t have.”

Finally, he said he relied on the creativity of Feige and the change came out better than he expected with the script of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely🇧🇷

“I went to the writers’ room with Markus and McFeely, and Kevin told us: “Discard the bomb idea, now you are going to do Civil war🇧🇷 When you’re throwing everything away and starting from scratch, it’s always a little weird, but he was right. Was he right. We still managed to conclude Bucky’s story and insert Zemo into the plot in a natural way. We used the concepts of the comics, but with a more personal and emotional touch, and that’s what attracted the audience.”

Remembering that the franchise will continue with ‘Captain America: New World Order’, hits theaters in May 03, 2024.

The direction is in charge of Julius Onah (‘The Cloverfield Paradox’), based on the screenplay by Malcolm Spellman and Dalan Musson (‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’).

The cast also has Tim Blake Nelson (‘The Incredible Hulk’) reprising his role as the villain named Leader, and Shira Haas (‘Unorthodox’), who was cast as the mutant Sabra.

Meanwhile, all episodes of ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ are still available on Disney+.

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