Cappato to La7: “The parties do not deal with rights and the environment because they do not have to collect the signatures for the elections”

The parties do not talk about rightssuch as legal euthanasia, or the environment, because they are not forced to collect signatures to stand for election. This happens because they have given themselves the rules ”. To say it, guest a On air, on La7is the treasurer of the Luca Coscioni Association, Marco Cappato, which just today presented its list, Referendum and democracy, asking that digital signatures are also activated for those who intend to run to Politics. “Then the parties wonder why young people do not go to vote”, added Cappato, who on Wednesday declared himself for having accompanied Mrs. Elena and dying in Switzerland and who, for this reason, risks a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison. Regarding rights, Cappato added that “there is no democracy, the Parliament at the end of life, in nine years, has never expressed itself; and now the Constitutional Court has prevented us from expressing ourselves on this issue and on legal cannabis ”.

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