Capital catch of a fisherman from Zlín: He caught a meter-long walleye!

In the morning he went to a private farm in Luhačovick. For carp. It was hot and the fish were not taking. “Before noon I was about to pack it up and go home when a big shot came in pulling the rod. She bent at a right angle and the winch was not enough to unwind. I thought it would probably be a catfish or a large pike. In the end, it’s a tolstolobik,” he said.

Jaromír Kužela has been fishing for 15 years.

“I was there alone, so it was a bit of a drama. I fought him for half an hour and another quarter of an hour passed before I got him in the net and out of the water to take a picture of him,” he recounted. Tolstolobik measured a meter without three cents. The enthusiastic fisherman then returned it to the water. “It’s my biggest catch in life. So far it has been a carp with a length of 68 cm,” he added.

He didn’t go for a roll

It’s a rarity how he caught the walleye at all. “Well, that probably didn’t happen to many fishermen. It was caught by the tail fin. And I was catching that on a roll,” laughed the former designer. “I fish more recreationally. There isn’t much time. I have a cottage, we have a garden, I like going on hikes,” summed up Kužela.

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