Cannabis light, State-Regions Conference passes a decree making it illegal. The Coscioni association: “Prison risk for farmers”

While a first step towards the legalization of cannabis was made with the validation of signatures for the referendum, there is a risk ban from the cannabis light, the one that mainly contains Cbd and is sold freely in shops and tobacconists. The January 12 the State Regions Conference approved a inter-ministerial decree which aims to redefine “the list of species of officinal plants cultivated as well as harvesting criteria and before transformation of the species of spontaneous medicinal plants “. A version that “risks to delete, if not sent to jail, the entire cannabis light sector in Italy ”, is the alarm raised by Leonardo Fiorentini of Forum Droghe e Marco Perduca dell’Luca Coscioni Association as well as president of the Referendum Committee.

Perduca and Fiorentini with a note appeal to ministry competent “to modify the decree in art. 1 paragraph 4 “. If not, they announce “we will organize one coordinated response between patients e entrepreneurs to send to the attic permanently anti-scientific measures and ideological “. Point 4 of the decree, in which “the cultivation of cannabis plants for the purpose of production of leaves and inflorescences or active substances for medicinal use “al Consolidated law on narcotics, regardless of whether they are there or not psychoactive substances above the limits of the law on agro-industrial supply chain of the hemp of 2016.

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In practice: “All cultivators and light cannabis inflorescence retailers would be liable (from one day to the next) of sanctions deriving from the penal system of Presidential Decree 309/90 which prohibits it cultivation without authorization from the Ministry of Health ”. If the decree were passed, in the opinion of Perduca and Fiorentini, it would lead to the dismantling of an industry from 3 thousand companies e 10 thousand workers, mostly young people. In the press release it is recalled that the World Health Organization (WHO) has repeatedly “recommended the exclusion of the properties of CBD from prohibited substances, some of these were collected by the United Nations (UN) Drugs Commission which in December 2020 canceled cannabis from the IV table of the 1961 Convention, with Italy’s favorable vote “.

“Insert this with a ministerial decree submission of production to the rules of 309/90 as well as go against common sense, it is legally very questionable ”, continues the note of denunciation. “You definitely need one regulation that clarifies what can be grown and how to guarantee the quantity and quality of therapeutic cannabinoids necessary to guarantee the therapeutic plans of tens of thousands of people “. For example, products with a certain threshold of CBD, according to Perduca and Fiorentini, should be treated as medications and those below like supplements, “As is already the case today for many other substances also in other states of the European Union”, the two recall.

“This very serious turning the clock back – concluded Perduca and Fiorentini – takes place a few days after the first meeting of technical table between Ministry of Health and cannabis patient associations, wanted by the undersecretary Andrea Costa to listen to the quantitative and qualitative procurement needs. Why delegate to the State-Region Conference a measure that, literally, makes a bundle of all the grass at the risk of putting out of play the entire supply chain of inflorescences and Cbd-based products? “.

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