Cancer: beware, this influencer sells a product banned in France

When influencers go (much) too far. Dylan Thiry, former candidate for Koh-Lanta and several reality shows, posted a video on social networks which caused a large reaction. In question ? The products praised by the young man to his community as relayed by The Independent.

The influencer has decided to highlight products capable of “curing” diseased cells. “I’ll tell you something that is crazy. I promise you I’m telling you the truth, it’s mind blowing. (…) They have something uh that cures cancer cells. That is to say, if you have cancerous cells in your body, this product kills them. And in fact, it’s not sold in France or in Europe because it’s forbidden, they don’t want it”, explains the young man in a video posted on Snapchat. Before adding: “It’s much more interesting for them that you go to the hospital and pay a blind. They’re not interested in finding products… (to someone next to him) Is that true? Did you see when we were shocked there? Carcinogenic, yeah, sorry. Yeah, carcinogenic.”

A video that quickly sparked a firestorm, they disappeared from social networks. Chance of the calendar, the ecologist deputy Aurélien Taché tabled a bill a few days ago to “frame the practices” of the influencer sector on social networks and better “protect consumers”. He quickly reacted to this video: “If my law is adopted, tomorrow Dylan will have to answer“. With this new law, the MP wants to force influencers to explicitly mention the advertising purpose of any content broadcast online that would be “laudatory” in relation to a brand.

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