Canceled flights, the decalogue of rights. When a refund cannot be obtained

Rome, 22 July 2022- Canceled flights And chaos in airportshow get refunds? And when instead it is not possible to have them? Here is the vademecum of your rights compiled byNational Consumers Union. With a premise: all the rules are also valid for low cost flights. Flying at low prices, in fact, does not mean losing rights and guarantees.

What is the document that sets the rules?

The reference standard is Regulation 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

What is the application of the regulation?

The Regulation applies to both scheduled and non-scheduled flights if the departure airport is in an EU member country (including Norway, Iceland and Switzerland), if the arrival airport is in an EU country (including Norway, Iceland and Switzerland), if the air carrier is a Community carrier and the benefits provided for by local legislation have not already been paid “.

Flight cancellation, what are the consumer’s rights?

The National Consumers Union of Massimiliano Dona reminds us: “In case of cancellation of the flight, that is when the plane does not depart, the passenger has the right toassistance and refunds (or rerouting). He is also entitled to the financial compensationunless you have been informed of the cancellation with at least 2 weeks notice, or 7 days in advance as long as an alternative flight is offered no more than 2 hours before the original departure time and you can reach your final destination less than 4 hours later the original scheduled arrival time, or less than seven days before, if an alternative flight is offered no more than one hour before the initial departure time that allows you to reach your final destination less than two hours after the scheduled time ‘originally planned arrival “.

How to get a refund?

The passenger – recalls the Consumers Union – has the right to choose between refund within seven days without penalties of the entire cost of the ticket for the part of the journey not made (or also for the parts of the journey already made, if they become useless with respect to the initial travel program and the return flight to the initial departure point) or re-routingi.e. boarding on a alternative flight for the final destination as soon as possible or at a later date more convenient to him, depending on the availability of seats “.

Refund, when can it not be had?

In case of flight cancellationthat is when the plane does not depart, the financial compensation is not due only if the carrier can prove that the flight cancellation was caused by exceptional circumstances which in any case could not have been avoided even if all the necessary measures had been taken (for example meteorological conditions incompatible with the flight, sudden failures in flight from a security point of view). In this case, reimbursement (or re-routing) and assistance remain.

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Protection mode, what is meant?

There are basically three methods of protection, the Consumers Union clarifies: refunds or re-routing on an alternative flight, compensation And assistance and apply differently depending on the case: overbooking, cancellation And prolonged delay of flight.

Can compensation be filed anyway?

Yes, specifies the National Consumers Union. The application of these forms of protection does not deprive passengers of the possibility of starting any claims for damages.

What is meant by assistance?

The right to assistance means “2 telephone calls, or fax or email, meals and drinks in relation to waiting and, if necessary, an overnight stay, adequate hotel accommodation and transport between the airport and place of accommodation”.

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