Cana Buttenschøn drops life as an influencer after cancer

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‘I simply no longer feel like it.’

This is how Cana Buttenschøn writes in a post on Instagram, where she reveals that she no longer wants to be proud of being an influencer.

She is now officially putting that title on the shelf, because she will instead focus on her company, Cana Care.

‘After half a year without a single paid advertisement, I have simply decided to continue on the same path. I do not think I was created to be an influencer, ‘she writes on her profile.

Cana Buttenschøn tells BT in detail that she is dropping out of life as an influencer because ‘her life has changed’.

“I have become razor sharp in my priorities and around what feels good and right for me,” she says.

Cane Buttenschøn was diagnosed with cervical cancer in July after doctors found a lump in the middle of the birth of her third child.

In August, she completed her cancer treatment, and in November, she was able to officially declare herself cancer-free.

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And that whole round has had a big impact on why she is now putting her influencer career on the shelf, she says.

“It has made me feel better about where I want to go with my life,” she says, continuing:

“My business was built while I was pregnant, having a baby and having cancer, and now it has developed so much that I actually dare to take the plunge and bet on it.”

To the question of what Cana Buttenschøn’s almost 83,000 followers can expect from content on her profile in the future, the answer is:

“I do not really know. At least I’m done feeling like I have to live up to some specific expectations on my social media. ”

Cana Buttenschøn emphasizes that she will still use her profile on Instagram – also in relation to her company.

“My profile is part of the starting point for my company, because I would never have come here if it were not for Instagram,” she says and continues:

“And I also still like to use Instagram, but in the future it will only be on my own terms.”

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