Can we fear a gas shortage in winter? Belgium does not have a large strategic reserve, but it has another asset…

Why such a blur? Because the answer to this simple question is not! Fluxys, the operator in charge of transporting and storing gas in Belgium, helped us to understand.

This strategic gas storage is located in Loenhout in the province of Antwerp. It is stored, not in a tank on the surface but in an aquifer, 1,000 meters deep underground. “In fact, we use an existing aquifer, in which there is always water”, explains Laurent Remy, spokesperson for Fluxys. “The gas that we inject is in contact with the water. When it comes out, it must also be passed through a dryer because the gas is saturated with water. This tablecloth is covered with a rock, impermeable to water and gas”.

►► How long could we last with this stock of gas? The response from the office of the Minister of Energy.

►► This reserve will not save us from the cold this winter in the event of a hard blow! But we have another advantage.

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