"Can we cut this part?" : great moment of loneliness for a candidate of the RN in full live!

Making your TV debut is never easy and Melanie Fortier is the new example. Represents RN in the second constituency of Côte-d’Or, she was a guest on the show “Sunday in Politics” broadcast on France 3 last Monday May 9 and completely lost his means in full live. WhileElsa Bezinwho moderated the debate, asked him about Marine Le Pen’s party program for public services, the RN candidate for the legislative panicked. “I didn’t really understand the question”first replied Mélanie Fortier, without really knowing where to stand and despite the kindness of her interlocutor who let her know “that it was not a trick question”. Elsa Bezin therefore reiterated her question, in vain, Mélanie was … speechless! “Can we cut this part? I really did not understand the question”, she then retorted. No luck for the 24-year-old candidate, it was live!

And it doesn’t take much for Twitter to react to this ultra-awkward moment. Mocked in every way, Mélanie Fortier still wanted to express herself. “First TV, first moment of hesitation, very happy to see that some are making a buzz about it, but the defense of public service is such an important project that I intend to discuss it with everyone during this campaign”, she wrote on the web. Hoping that his next TV appearances will go better by the June legislative elections!

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