Can diabetics eat sugar free artificial sweetners How much free sugar can high blood sugar patients have

Artificial sweeteners, also known as sugar substitutes, are low-calorie sweeteners.

High Blood Sugar Patients Tips: Diabetes patients are strictly forbidden to eat sugar-rich foods, due to which the craving for sweet food increases in them. However, many people use artificial sweeteners to satisfy their sweet tooth. Often you must have seen that high blood sugar patients consume sugar free tablets in their tea, coffee or other drinks. Let us know how these tablets affect the patient’s body.

What are Artificial Sweeteners: According to the report of ‘Mayo Clinic’, artificial sweeteners, also known as sugar substitutes, are low-calorie sweeteners. No nutritional element of any kind is found in them. It provides sweetness similar to sugar in food and that too without calories. According to the news, artificial sweeteners are many times sweeter than sugar, so food becomes sweet with little use.

How do they affect blood sugar: Limited sugar-free options Diabetes may prove to be good. This ingredient used for artificial sweeteners does not negatively affect blood sugar. Let us tell you that they are kept in the category of free foods, in which the amount of carbs and calories is very less. In such a situation, diabetic patients can sometimes consume it.

Excessive consumption can be dangerous: It will be beneficial to consume these tablets in limited quantity, which will help in suppressing the desire to eat sweets in high blood sugar patients. using it more other health problems May be. According to experts, substances like sucrose, saccharin, rebiana and aspartame are present in them which negatively affect health.

The risk of these diseases increases: Health experts believe that sugar free tablets contain saccharin which is good for the body. Harmful It is possible. Its effect can also lead to the risk of cancer. At the same time, excessive use of artificial sweeteners can cause heart damage and blood pressure levels can also fluctuate. Not only this, excessive consumption of these tablets can also cause eye problems.

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