Can Bullet Train be seen in streaming?


The movie starring Brad Pitt and Joey King hit theaters this week. It was directed by David Leitch, the person in charge of Dead Pool 2.

Brad Pitt is Ladybug.
© IMDbBrad Pitt is Ladybug.

Action movies are back. This week premiered the long-awaited Bullet trainfilm starring Brad Pitt and Joey Kingwhich has in its cast figures such as Bryan Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Sandra Bullock, and Michael Shannon. It is a story with clear influences from Japanese culture that is responsible for paying tribute in several of the action sequences. The result is a fun movie lasting just over two hours that doesn’t give the viewer a break.

The story of Bullet train revolves around a private contractor whose code name is ladybug (ladybug), played by Brad Pitt, who has to enter a train car in Japan, steal a briefcase and get off as soon as possible. The problem is that a large number of murderers and criminals travel within that train, and the objectives of all of them intersect, becoming a problem to fulfill their different missions, all tied by a common factor.

Distributed by sony pictures, Bullet train It arrived in Latin America at the same time as the United States, where it is expected to debut with at least 30 million dollars at the box office. With the level of the cast that it has, it is expected that it will become one of the most important releases of the month of August and that it will be on the billboard for several weeks. In this sense, the big question is knowing when this title can be enjoyed on the platforms of streaming.

First of all, it must be clarified that, while in the United States sony pictures signed an agreement with Netflix to distribute their films, in Latin America most of the productions can be seen through hbo max. That was the case for the studio’s last two big releases, Spider-Man: No way home Y Unchartedwhich had Tom Holland as protagonist. If the logic is fulfilled, it will be necessary to wait between four and five months to be able to see Bullet train through streaming; While the film of spider-man was released in theaters in December 2021 and reached hbo max in July, Uncharted it premiered in February and was also seen starting in July. The official date has not yet been confirmed.

+The connection between David Leitch and Brad Pitt

In addition to having chosen him to star in this film, David Leitch maintains a special connection with Brad Pitt. It was this bond that, for example, allowed the 58-year-old actor to have a short cameo in Dead Pool 2 which was directed by himself Leitch. The relationship between the two has its origin in the filmmaker’s past, who started in the industry in the area of ​​stuntmen. David Leitch It was twice the risk of Brad Pitt in one of the best films of his career: The fight Clubdirected by David Fincher in 1999.

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