Can ‘Besouro Azul’, a film with Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña, be cancelled? Understand the controversy!

Bruna Marquezine fans They are concerned. That’s because, after an attitude from DC, they believe that “Blue Beetle” can be canceled, even after filming ended. The actress, who enjoys vacations in Brazil with Xolo Maridueña, has not yet commented on the possible cancellation.

The rumors started after DC’s decision not to release “Batgirl”. The film, which had Leslie Grace as the lead actress, was in post-production, as was “Blue Beetle”. After the announcement from DC informing the change of launch strategy, the Marquezine fans were worried about the fate of “Besouro Azul”.

For now, the release of “Besouro Azul” in 2023 is confirmed.

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What is the story of ‘Blue Beetle’?

The version of the hero that will win movie screens in 2023 first appeared in 2006 in the “Infinite Crisis” saga. In it, Jaime Reyes is a student from a Mexican family who lives in Texas, in the United States.

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The boy lives a normal life until he finds a scarab-shaped object. The artifact fuses with the boy’s body and gives him an exoskeleton and superpowers.

The hero has appeared in some DC animations, such as “Young Justice” and “Justice League vs. Teen Titans”

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