Campos and Galtier saved, Riolo denounces a scheme

The future of Paris Saint-Germain seems very vague, even if the capital club is heading towards a historic eleventh title of Champion of France. Christophe Galtier and Luis Campos are at the heart of the debates, and some are very upset against the duo.

A week after its sad elimination in the Champions League in Munich, PSG is struggling to make its supporters forget that this season is another failure. But according to some media, on the side of Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Qatar, we do not want a new revolution, and for once the French coach could survive a European humiliation, which had not often been the case of its predecessors. A leniency that Daniel Riolo has a hard time understanding, well almost. Because even if we know the ease of the RMC journalist to get carried away often very strongly, in the history of Paris Saint-Germain, he often put his finger where it hurt, and even very badly. And with regard to the will of the Qatari leaders to keep Campos and Galtier, Riolo does not really believe in it, believing that all these rumors came out thanks to the relations linked by the sports director of PSG in certain French media. In other words Luis Campos would be protected and is currently operating his networks to avoid taking the thunder from Doha.

PSG will not change anything, Riolo cries bluff

During the After, Daniel Riolo explained his position. ” After the elimination in the Champions League, the end of the season no longer interests anyone. And, while they were installed last year in the “Revolution, anti-bling-bling” program set up by Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the Campos-Galtier duo is already in the hot seat (…) A priori, with the two failed transfer windows and the benefits of Galtier, everyone should clear. And there, what do we not see? The great barouf released by Luis Campos, the republic of friends is back, with as in “Who wants to earn millions? calls to friends. Frankly, Luis Campos is a very pleasant person, who knows football, with whom it is good to have a coffee and talk football. Except that there to save his place and that of Christophe Galtier, it goes through relays in the various newspapers where he has forged links and relationships over time. The strings are big, because I know the relationships that bind one to the other, but I hear and I read that “it wasn’t all bad”, “we’re going to give them a second chance”, but I would like that ‘I am told what has not been black in terms of recruitment or the game played by PSG with Christophe Galtier. These are maneuvers and I announce that it will go up in the coming weeks on the fact that they must be left in place », warns the journalist before passing the second layer.

Galtier, honestly it’s very complicated to give him a second chance. What he offered has never been so bad in the entire QSI era in terms of the game. Campos cannot remain an outside adviser, it is not clear. Because when we take players, we don’t know if it’s in the interest of the club or his personal interest (…) If he wants to continue like this with several clubs, you don’t stay at PSG, you take Galtier, Galtier, he takes his down jacket and off you go and we make yet another revolution, but with people who only work for the club. But the side “We make phone calls to friends to get good articles and good comments on the shows”, it’s starting to break my candy “Launched Daniel Riolo, rather annoyed that we want to believe that nothing will really change at Paris Saint-Germain in the coming months.

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