Camille Lacourt: after having conquered breast cancer two years ago, his partner faces a new ordeal …

Removal of the right breast… The operation is already scheduled for Camille Lacourt’s partner. It is a surgery which is done by prevention so that the young woman does not have a relapse of her cancer which she conquered two years ago.

Supported by her family and her companion, Alice Detollenaere won the battle against the cancer which had been detected in August 2019. In February 2020, she emerges victorious in this fight so difficult but not insurmountable. On Instagram, she posted: “Me, there are still so many things that I want to achieve. But first, I will do this preventive removal of the right breast, an operation scheduled for the end of February. “

This is not the first time that the mother of little Marius has spoken of this intervention. Last October, she said: “My life is like my chest; it has waves and it has hollows. 2 years ago, I learned that I had breast cancer. A year ago, I got pregnant. This year I learned that I was the carrier of an altered gene, hence my decision, in agreement with the medical profession, of preventive removal of the right breast ”. In an interview with Paris Match in October 2020, the athlete’s companion admits that she does not want to do cosmetic surgery on his chest, she clearly refused. “To erase all the stigmata would be nonsense, that of denying my story. This episode was crazy and I never want to forget it ”.

The little boy’s dad also told the media: “It is important for the woman, and also for her companion, to mourn the original breast. And to appropriate the new. For me, he’s just different. It represents strength ”. He then assured that “together, no mountain is insurmountable”.

Valiant and energetic, Alice Detollenaere expresses herself with an open heart on social networks. She explains how self-examination is important in preventing breast cancer. “It may be the end of Pink October, but we must continue prevention, all year round. Cancer that is taken care of quickly is cancer that is cured quickly. Thank you to you for having accompanied me during this highlight of the year and count on me to get you drunk (sic) with the autopalpation ”she declared.

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