Camille Gottlieb: This Monegasque finally reveals her relationship status

For a long time, Camille Gottlieb kept a secret about her love life, now the Monegasque reveals her relationship status and reveals: Yes, I’m in love!

single or taken? The approximately 93,000 Instagram followers of Camille Gottlieb, 24, have asked themselves this again and again in recent months – however, the fans of Prince Alberts, 64, niece have never received a correct answer. Until now.

Camille Gottlieb is in love

In a new interview with the magazine “Hello Monaco”, whose cover the 24-year-old is currently adorning, Camille Gottlieb talks about her love life. When asked “Do you currently have a boyfriend?” answers the sister of Louis Ducruet, 29:

My heart is no longer available. But I’ll talk about it when it gets more serious.

Seems Gottlieb has only found someone who makes her heart beat faster in the last few months. In July last year, the daughter of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco, 57, vehemently emphasized “neither in a relationship, nor engaged and certainly not married” and ironized her single existence during a trip to Montreal in early November 2022 on the Internet: In To her story, she shared a snap of her sulking on the subway and used a question and answer session to encourage her fans to send her good captions. One of her suitors then took the opportunity to ask Camille about her personal life. “Are you single?” Was his direct question. Gottlieb replied with humor: “Who tells him?”

Monegasque shares her lifestyle on Instagram

Camille Gottlieb regularly lets her fans share her private life on Instagram, posts snapshots from various luxury vacations or gives her followers an insight into her everyday life in Monaco. Most recently, the 24-year-old also accompanied her uncle Albert and his wife Princess Charlène, 44, to official appearances. She continues to advance her role in the royal family – with the right person at her side, this path will be even easier for her.

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