Camilla Julie revealed diagnosis in ‘The Lion’s Cave’: ‘It was definitely not the plan to say that’

She was not meant to say it out loud on TV. It was a private matter, she thought – but in front of the five ‘lions’, Camilla Julie Skov Hansen still wanted to talk about something that could potentially set the stage for the important investment.

This is what Camilla Julie Skov Hansen says, who together with her friend Trine Damborg owns and runs the jewelery company Sorelle Jewelery, for which they were looking for an investor in Thursday’s edition of ‘Løvens hule’.

Here, the five lions were reluctant to invest in the handmade pearl necklaces as they lacked a clear identity or a personal story behind them.

It made Camilla Julie Skov Hansen tell how, as a child, she felt like a kind of superhero cloak when she could go on board her grandmother’s bowl of pearl necklaces.

Trine Damborg and Camilla Julie Skov Hansen.

Trine Damborg and Camilla Julie Skov Hansen.
Photo: Per Arnesen

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And when her mouth first slipped, she was also revealed that she had sought reassurance in being creative and tinkering with pearls when she was diagnosed with anxiety a few years ago.

“It was definitely not the plan to say that. It’s quite private, and there are a lot of viewers watching. But it is also an important thing to know as an investor – that it is something that can fill in periods, “she tells BT

Camilla Julie Skov Hansen actually thinks she always has a bit of anxiety to some degree. But a few years ago, it really took off when she broke up with her boyfriend of six years.

‘It was not my choice and I ended up in a deep hole that I could not get up from again. It could be felt all over my body, and I knew that this was not how I could continue to live, “says the entrepreneur, who, among other things, has experienced not being able to get out of bed.

It happened on a Sunday, when she and her partner were going to Aarhus to sell their jewelery. But Camilla Julie Skov Hansen could not. She could not get up.

‘I had been under pressure for too long and I had to say to Trine:‘ I can not go with today. You have to go out there alone ‘. And it is clear that it is difficult when you have a company. It does not work. So those episodes should preferably not come too often. “

But Camilla Julie Skov Hansen has since worked with herself in collaboration with a psychologist and has also been on medication for periods. And she therefore does not believe that Jacob Risgaard – who ultimately ends up investing 100,000 kroner in her friends’ jewelery company – should fear that she will have to turn the key.

Camilla Julie Skov Hansen and Trine Damborg together with their investor, Jacob Risgaard.

Camilla Julie Skov Hansen and Trine Damborg together with their investor, Jacob Risgaard.
Photo: Sisters Jewelery

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»Stress can trigger that, and it can obviously be difficult in a company where there are busy periods. But there are two of us about it. And I can well afford to ask Trine to take over. Because we are not just partners, but friends, so there is a lot of love between us, “says Camilla Julie Skov Hansen, who considers Trine Damborg a sister – that is why their company is called Sorelle, which means ‘sister’ in Italian.

“Fortunately, the anxiety attacks come fewer and fewer times. But I actually do not think they disappear, and I have accepted that. My anxiety is a companion that should remind me that I am a human being who is vulnerable and that is ok too, ”she says.

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