Camilla and Daniela from "Big Brother" They gave self-esteem tips and went viral

Inside the house of “ Big Brother 2022“, Camila taught him to Daniela some self-esteem tips in front of the mirror, after feedback received from Alfa. The time that they have been isolated means that their weariness is at a very high level, so any detail can trigger a fight. In the last few hours The competition was affected by a crossover between the largest of the Telefe reality show and Romina.

After the departure of
Thiago, Daniela did not have a very good time and had several
clashes with the rest of the girls in the house.
Juliet Y
Romina they became suspicious of her after detecting that she lied to them regarding the vote.
“eyelash” was one of the participants who nominated the young man from La Matanza, something that cost the last one eliminated from

On Thursday morning,
Camila He was teaching the young woman from Moreno step by step how it works and she began in front of the mirror:
“You have to tell yourself all the things about yourself that you like. I like my hair, I like my eyes, I like my face, I like everything. I’m beautiful.”. For her part, the brunette added: ”
You are beautiful, beautiful black. I like my humor, personality, my attitude”.

Camila and Daniela from “Big Brother” gave self-esteem tips and went viral.


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