Camila Rojas in “Pasión de gavilanes 2”: the first day of work, the advice of Mario Cimarro and other confessions

  • Camila Rojas’s revelations about her participation in “Pasión de gavilanes 2”
  • Who is Camila Rojas, Muriel Caballero in “Pasión de gavilanes” 2
  • Camila Rojas on her first day of recording in “Pasión de gavilanes” 2

The second season of “Passion of Hawks” premiered on February 14 on Telemundo with much expectation and came to an end on May 31, 2022. The public once again enjoyed the stellar performances of Mario Cimarro, Danna García, Paola Rey, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Klauss and Michel Brown; plus one new generation of hawksamong which stood out the young performer Camila Rojas.

The 31-year-old Colombian actress played muriel knight, the daughter of Rosario Montes (Zharick León), in the second season of “Pasión de gavilanes”. She is part of the youth cast that joined the stories of love and heartbreak of the Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters, bringing a fresh air to the famous telenovela.

Although actress Camila Rojas considers it “a great opportunity” and “a privilege” to be part of “Passion of hawks 2”, has also revealed other things that he experienced during the recordings of the successful Telemundo production. What did she say? Here we tell you the details.

Camila Rojas in the role of Muriel Caballero, the daughter of Rosario Montes, in the second season of “Pasión de gavilanes” (Photo: Camila Rojas/Instagram)


How was the first day of work for Camila Rojas in “Pasión de gavilanes 2″?

In an interview with People en Español, Camila Rojas revealed that the day before the recording of “Pasión de gavilanes 2” began, she was “very, very nervous because it is a project that has a very high bar.”

Rojas also said that, although he had a knot in his stomach from his nerves, that he was “very happy” to be part of such an important project that enjoys such popularity.

“I remember that my first recording call was with very simple scenes, they were choral scenes, and I told my colleagues that it relaxed me a bit because that way I could understand the language that the hawks had already adapted and also to get to know them a little. little by little and kill the nerves”, he explained.

The beautiful interpreter of “Las malcriadas” recalled the things that most caught her attention on her first day of filming. “The locations were impressive and just the first day we recorded we were totally in the mood of Pasión de gavilanes in the haciendas, with the horses, with the outfits… So I was very happy, especially for the horses, because I love animals ”.

What advice did Mario Cimarro give to Camila Rojas in “Pasión de gavilanes 2″?

Camila Rojas also told how she made contact with her colleagues, the original actors of the telenovela and the younger ones.

“The first day I also had Mario Cimarro, with Danna (García), with Natasha (Klauss) and with part of the young cast, so it was very nice because I was working directly with all of them. For me to share my first scenes with them was to start off on the right foot, ”he confessed. proud the protagonist of Heart in condominium.

That day Camila Rojas received advice from one of the veterans, Mario Cimarro, who told her to “be generous with our colleagues, think for everyone and never stop enjoying the project,” something she put into practice throughout moment.

Camila Rojas and Mario Cimarro during the recordings of “Pasión de gavilanes 2” (Photo: Camila Rojas/Instagram)

Camila Rojas’ passion for acting

Camila Rojas confesses that she did not expect to dedicate herself to the world of acting, but now her work fascinates her.

“My life plans were far from acting and in the midst of many coincidences I ended up in this industry. I never expected it, but once I’m here, every day I feel much more passionate about it and every day I want to keep improving and growing”, he declared.



Camila Rojas is a Colombian actress and dancer who was born on September 6, 1990 in Cúcuta, capital of the department of Santander. When she was 18, she went to study English in London, where she did theater in that language.

She then moved to Los Angeles to study Performing Arts and after receiving a job offer, she traveled to Mexico, where she has lived for seven years. A TV Azteca executive invited her to audition for the telenovela “Corazón de condominio”. After signing a three-year exclusivity contract with the media conglomerate, Camila Rojas He participated in projects such as “Heart in a condominium”, “Always yours Acapulco”, “A stage to love”, “What women keep silent” and “Las Malcriadas”.

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