Camila Queiroz’s iconic looks as Angel, from ‘Secret Truths’, in 30 photos

Camila Queiroz is no longer in the cast of “Secret Truths 2“: the departure of the actress from Globo was marked by controversy, with the right to very emotional statements by the artist and a supposed inconvenience from the author of the telenovela, Walcyr Carrasco.

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Whatever the new paths in Camila’s career, it is indisputable that the protagonist of “Secret Truths” – to whom the actress addressed an emotional letter on her social networks after the whole situation – had striking costumes that were very successful with the public.

Next, the Purepeople remember some of them. Oh, and in the gallery above you can find another 30 photos to kill the nostalgia for the character’s character-filled outfits!

Feather dress is custom-made.

One of the character’s first striking costumes was the feather dress Marcelo Quadros, worn on her first meeting with Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi), a businessman with whom she has a secret relationship.

Managed by Fany (Marieta Severo), she went to make the program with the play. It was custom-made for the artist and, at the time, could be purchased for up to 7,500.

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