Camila Queiroz explains the real reason for leaving Globo and talks about ‘punishment’. Check out!

Globo talks about Camila Queiroz’ demands; actress cites script change

In a statement sent by Globo this Wednesday (17), the station explained that Camila made some demands to sign the extension of the contract, which needed to be renewed for another seven days.

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“To sign the extension of the contract necessary to record the final scenes of the telenovela, Camila Queiroz wanted to determine the outcome of the character Angel and demanded a formal commitment that she would be part of an eventual third season of the work, in addition to other unacceptable contractual demands. Globo, then, decided to complete Secret Truths 2 without the participation of the actress,” said the channel.

In her defense, Camila said that the script for “Secret Truths” was transformed without your knowledge and that the direction promised that the story would move on to the version which was delivered to the actress initially.

“The actress clarifies that when she was invited to star in the continuation of the telenovela, the synopsis that was given to her was totally different from the direction the story took after the start of the recordings. Even so, the actress continued recording, confident that the content of the plot would be forwarded to the original ending that had been agreed from the beginning, as the company and its employees promised the actress at all times. interest to keep her in the third season of ‘Secret Truths’ as the protagonist”.

Such behavior by Camila Queiroz aroused the wrath of Walcyr Carrasco, author of the novel. On social networks, the actress adopted an ironic behavior when talking about the situation.

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