Camila Queiroz appears at the end of the soap opera ‘Verdades Secretas 2’ after leaving Globo. Understand!

Camila Queiroz will be seen in the last chapter of the novel “Secret Truths 2” even after being fired from Globo and not completing the recordings as the protagonist Angel/Arlete. This week, the actress has already been replaced by a double in some scenes, which include those that will be seen in the 50th chapter, the last.

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According to columnist Patricia Kogut, from the newspaper “O Globo”, Camila will appear because the recordings do not follow the order of the chapters and the protagonist had already performed some scenes in the last chapter. Now outside the Rio de Janeiro network, the actress is confirmed alongside her husband, Klebber Toledo, in the new season of the reality show “Casamento à Cegas”.

At the same time, the audience for Walcyr Carrasco’s plot, which ended the stock of slapsticks in the Rio-São Paulo axis, is growing. On the weekend following the release of the third batch of chapters, 3.4 million hours were consumed by subscribers, greater than compared to the same period of the second batch of episodes. Overall, there are more than 26 million hours of “Secret Truths 2” seen by the public on Globoplay.

Globo takes legal action against Camila Queiroz after the actress’s resignation

Outside Globo and banned from the year-end vignette, the actress can be called to court by the Rio station. The Jardim Botânico network points out that there was off-balance sheet damages, since Camila’s departure resulted in financial and moral losses. The office that represents the artist, the 13th Productions, must also be triggered.

At the same time, the lawyers who serve Camila must also sue Globo, as they said the actress was exposed in a statement issued by the network when her resignation was announced. Information also circulates that the artist would have evidence that would indicate that she was sabotaged and bullied while she was an employee of the channel.

In her defense, Camila also stated that she did not fake illness to get a medical certificate and, thus, miss the day of recording “Secret Truths 2”. On the other hand, rumors indicate that the actress was uncomfortable with the prominence given to Júlia Byrro, a newcomer on TV. The newcomer’s character could be Angel’s assassin and return to the front of the cast in a likely third season.

Camila Queiroz cried out of breath after being disconnected from Globo

After her troubled departure from the network, the actress recorded a video in which she appears crying as she lets go. “NoI had never experienced anything like this, I had never experienced such exposure“he stated. “It was all very painful. I just wanted to ask you not to believe it,” Camila continued when defending herself by claiming that the news involving her name is inconsistent with the facts.

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